Monday, November 06, 2006

All Hands On Deck by Akindele Akinyemi

I am urging people to rush their asses right over to the Detroit Victory Center and show and prove to the monguls who think they have this thing on lock to volunteer their services between now and tomorrow.

What's at stake? Our livelihood and our way of life.

Granholm has declared war on educational choices by forcing our children to attend failing public schools. She has provoked us for the last time.

Granholm has declared war on young adults who want to grown their families here and have replaced it with her cool cities initiative for the Gay and Lesbian community. Again, where is the Granholm Urban Agenda?

I am URGING those who respect and have helped us up to this point please stop in for AT LEAST 60 minutes and make calls, door to dorr and help out with lawn signs. I will be there this afternoon and will be checking on our candidates THE ENTIRE DAY tomorrow.

Students of the One Detroit Network have been apart of the 72 hour rush and we are conducting the most extensive and sophisticated GOTV efforts in the 4 year history of this network. We are exhausted daily but understand our way of life will be endangered if Granholm and the Democratic Party wins tomorrow. We cannot allow this to happen.

I need you to join me and save Detroit from Granholm incompetence. This is serious people. Our sisters over at the Detroit Victory Center need all hands on deck NOW. Our people will become extinct in Detroit if we do not change this thing around. DeVos needs 7%-9% from Detroit to win this tomorrow. We cannot go home empty handed.

To add to the flavor Dick DeVos HIMSELF will be at the Detroit Victory Center TODAY from 4-6pm. I will be there to meet and greet people TODAY and TOMORROW. If you support our cause then SHOW UP.

Detroit Victory Center
10701 West McNichols (at the corner of Monte Vista, 2 blocks east of Meyers) in Detroit.

This is it. Make it happen. One Detroit for Dick DeVos.

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