Thursday, November 02, 2006

Are Our Clergy Bending Over for Granholm by Akindele Akinyemi

If we are going to be whores and pimps on the pulpit at least do it in private. First, the Michigan Chronicle openly endorsed Granholm for re-election and now the The Michigan/Ontario Council of Bishops Church of God in Christ Public Policy Institute for Justice endorses Granholm.

Now, a real person of God would not endorse Granholm for ANY given reason. Here is a woman who supports abortion, homosexuality and will not even display the 10 commandments in court houses. However, they have given their lives to Satan for a few pieces of silver.

Black churches that are supporting Jennifer Granholm should not be taken very seriously. She has taken on the plight of the Lesbian and Gay community over the African American agenda in our community. While Dick DeVos has a urban turn around plan Granholm do not have an urban agenda at all and if I am lying show me.

Race baiters, poverty pimps and whores off the pulpit should not be supported. Blacks should vote based on their traditional values NOT because you are a Democrat. There are thousands of Democrats voting for DeVos right here in Detroit because of traditional values.

Any preacher who has endorsed Granholm and then this coming Sunday talk about marriage between man and woman or endorsing life is a hypocrite. The worshippers within that church structure should get up and leave and go to a church that not only supports their traditional values but that support system is also reflected in the way we vote.

There are so many conflicted Democrats I know who are on the Granholm camp because they want to work on a campaign. In other words, they are following the crowd. How come they will not come over to the Detroit Victory Center located at Six Mile and Meyers and support a candidate that shares the same values as we do? Yes, there are Black people over there working who shares the same values as you do.

You don't have to support whoredom like these false prophets. There are only 5 days left and we can change Michigan by you guys in the Granholm camp jumping on board with us because we believe in a God that is just and a God that is right.

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