Saturday, November 04, 2006

Benton Harbor Embraces One Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

One Detroit is moving right ahead in these last 72 hours before we clinch our victory. People have been talking about how Dick DeVos will not make it because they have been reading and following biased polls that are totally inaccurate.

Right now it look like may sweep. Time will tell and it will depend on the voter turnout.

However, I was on not one but two radio programs today. One in Royal Oak Township and the other in Benton Harbor, MI.

If anyone has ever listened to Joshua's Trail on 1400 AM WDTK on Saturday mornings you are in for a treat. Rev Levon Yuille is the president of the Michigan Black Republican Council and this morning we took it to the next level.

Not only we are urging people to vote their values but we exposed and opened up the truth about Jennifer Granholm and how these same Bishops in the COGIC church has sold out for the Homosexual Billionaire Jon Stryker and Jennifer Granholm for 30 pieces of silver.

There are so many people voting for DeVos it's not funny. We need for him to win because he understands the need for educational choice in our community and the urban agenda for those who live in major cities across Michigan.

Speaking of urban agenda have anyone in the Granholm Camp, Democratic Precinct Delegates, Sista to Sista, Labor to Labor, Neighbor to Neighbor, Young Democrats, Midtown Young Democrats or Michigan Democrats seen Granholm's urban agenda? I have been asking this question for six straight weeks now and no one has answered.

Maybe it's because she does not have a urban agenda. However, she has a gay and lesbian agenda though.

After leaving 1400 Am I took a three hour drive to our version of Haiti in Michigan, Benton Harbor. How in the hell can people live in this below:

This looks like something in Palestine or Fallujah. However, this is right on Wall Street in Benton Harbor.

Squatters live in this structure. Again, where is Granholm's urban agenda? Can ANYONE answer this question?

Let me give you some reality about Benton Harbor and why Gov. Granholm does not give a damn about Black people.

1. While Gov. Granholm is bragging about so-called bringing 400 jobs to Berrien County by way of Whirlpool, the same corporation have a facility in China. Does this mean if the CEO of Whirlpool was running for Governor he/she would be under scrutiny like DeVos?

2. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has an office in Shanghai, China UNDER Gov. Granholm's direction. Yet, she falsely attacks and crucifies DeVos.

3. Berrien County's unemployment rate is 18%. This is 50% higher than the state's average and 72% higher than the national average.

4. Benton Harbor's unemployment rate is 16.3%. Only 4% have a 4-year degree. Less than 60% have a high school diploma.

5. 12,000 people live in Benton Harbor. The median household income is $17,471 (year 2000)while the median house value is $38,700 (year 2000). There are 12,000 residents in the Brightmoor section of Detroit.

6. Benton Harbor is the worst hit area of unemployment in Michigan.

Again, where is Granholm's urban agenda?

When I took to the airwaves on 105.3 FM in Benton Harbor I opened up by explaining the importance of voting. That dialogue transformed into talking about real educational reform in Benton Harbor. Expanding more educational choices and designing educational empowerment zones in Benton Harbor are several key solutions to the crisis in Berrien County.

However, the Superintendent of the Benton Harbor Public Schools, Dr. Paula Dawning, came down to the radio station to try to blast me for what I was sharing with the community.

Dr. Dawning is a staunch supporter of Gov. Granholm by the way.

The need for an urban agenda and the need for educational choices in Benton Harbor are real. In fact, I have been invited BACK on November 18th to further discuss educational options along with the Superintendent and School Board President.

Belinda Brown (in the middle) is the one who invited me. She has a great campaign going on for DeVos in Benton Harbor. I noticed the hardline support for DeVos in Benton Harbor.

The EXPANDED One Detroit Network. While we have some Democratic networks who brag about Detroit and how they are going to turn out the vote for "their girl" Granholm One Detroit is going over and beyond to help brothers and sisters in ALL urban communities across Michigan the same way DeVos is reaching out to urban communities with his Urban Turn Around Plan.

Which by the way, did anyone in the Democratic Precinct camp, Granhom camp or the Michigan Democratic Coordinated Committee on West Grand Blvd at Woodward find that Granholm Urban Agenda yet?

We here at One Detroit understand how civic education is the key to liberation and these brothers and sisters are seeking a more conservative way of uplifting their communities.

So while some of us are stuck on Fort and Outer Drive in Detroit and stomping for a perverted Governor who lies about a 21st Century Jobs Fund (there is no such plan), China and promotes homosexuality through her "cool cities" initiative we are busy traveling from one urban community to the next getting the vote out, helping people understand about real change and moving forward without the scare tactics.

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