Saturday, November 18, 2006

Big Deal: Affirmative Action Is Gone by Akindele Akinyemi

I had to comment on this thing about Affirmative Action. People are still pissed off that Proposal 2 passed.

I have said this before. The same people who voted for Granholm and Stabenow voted to get rid of Affirmative Action. Not the Republicans OR conservatives. Liberals. Especially the Libertarians.

I asked a long time ago to those who were supporting Affirmative Action what was plan B in case Plan A failed. They had no plan.

Guess what? They still have no plan.

Even white women shot themselves in the foot over this issue. It benefited them more so than Blacks.

So now what?

First, I urge every Black man and Black woman to stress the importance of a sound education to our children. We should be teaching our children to compete NOW not later. If you waited to 12th grade to teach our children about the importance of education it's too late. And yes, we are a people who do things late. CPT (Colored People Time). It's inexcusable.

My son asked this question this morning about why did I put him in the school he attends. My answer was very simple: enhanced learning and competition in a 21st century educational market.

Second, stop trying to send your children to U-M for tradition when you can send them 4 hours to Northwestern University right outside Chicago. If your kid does not get into U-M then send him/her somewhere else and quit crying.

Third, I hear our brothers and sisters crying about what are they going to do for a job. Jesus Christ is the first step. Education is the second. Polishing your act and not getting in trouble is the third. Rolling with people who are going places is the fourth. You will get a job and eventually create a job for yourself to make money and live biblically. One of our One Detroit members is getting work on a regular basis even though she is pissed off about losing Affirmative Action. However, her SKILLS and EDUCATION have been carrying her to victory not Affirmative Action.

Some community activists are complaining about what is going to happen to the masses of Blacks who relied on Affirmative Action. My response is nothing. No education in this day and time will get you a low paying job or no job at all. Now I see why Blacks voted for Gov. Granholm. They needed her to continue unlimited welfare and use affirmative action as a crutch instead of using it as a means in the Black community.

Now one thing One United Michigan pointed out about if we lose Affirmative Action we will lose programs like the Griot Program at Marygrove College. The Griot Program is a teacher certification program designed to attract Black males to teach in urban communities. My question is who is stopping this program? This program can be sponsored by churches and private businesses that are Black owned and operated.

Personally, I would tweak this certification program by making it a 15 month certification program with private funding. This way we can increase the number of Black males to become certified in a short period of time.

The other thing One United Michigan talked about was breast cancer screenings. Again, this is the time for the faith based community put their money where their mouths are. Let's see who will carry Black people to victory since we do not have Affirmative Action.

Educational Activists like myself should be pushing to raise the cap off charter schools. Are we worried about funding for a minority group? No. We are pushing for a multicultural environment in charters so we can begin to compete in a 21st century reality.

Stop listening to all those paranoid people who are going around scaring our youth about losing Affirmative Action. I even heard some say Jim Crow is back. Some say we will be forced to ride on the back of the bus.

Whatever. Only a uneducated, paranoid and unintelligent people who did not graduate from high school would say this.

We practice Jim Crow daily and especially on Sunday at 11:00 AM at church. This is the most segregated time in OUR community anywhere across Michigan. So now what? Jim Crow is being practiced in Detroit Public Schools. We segregate ourselves from each other.

I urged people to vote NO on 2 and it was defeated. Big deal. Let's move on. Will it get harder? Perhaps if you are not educated and live in darkness and fear. Playing the race card will not get us anywhere and eventually push us further down the hole.

Now is the time for us to push education, competition and successes on our people to accomplish our goals. This is not a setback. This is just the beginning.

Besides, Affirmative Action being defeated in Michigan might not be as bad as people are making it. Let's really see who should be on top based on hard work and dedication. Of course liberals are going to have a problem with what I'm saying because without Affirmative Action it will expose this pitiful and ridiculous urban educational system in every urban community in Michigan. It will expose the community of how these children are ill-equipped to handle the routine of academics in college. It will expose the weakness of people in their employment.

Let the games begin. I'm prepared. Are you?

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