Friday, November 17, 2006

The Black Conservative Movement Is In Motion by Akindele Akinyemi

I will be pulling our Black Conservatives (wheter you identify yourself as a Democrat, Republican or Independent) across the State of Michigan together in a few months to discuss our agenda and what needs to be done in our urban communities. These meetings will have some major significance and impact for the next 5 years. Since we do not have time to be blown away some of our efforts have to be consolidated into one network. Gone are the days of everyone doing their own thing separately. This is the time for us to launch a new initiative.

Especially our young Black conservatives. They are our new leadership in our communities across Michigan.

This is not the time to be weak, sarcastic or individualistic. I am pushing heavily for us to promote more educational options for our parents and children. This includes tax credits and lifting the cap off charter schools. This should also includes pushing for greater civic education measures in our schools and we can begin to do this through charters.

I am also looking into a study on regionalization. I am a promoter of regionalization because our people live everywhere in Southeastern Michigan. Our issues in Detroit will affect our brothers and sisters in Ypsilanti.

But the type of regionalized network I am looking into is getting conservatives elected on school boards and city councils in urban depressed communities to turn those communities around.

For example, I cannot see why a city like Inkster or Ecorse cannot be our version of Farmington Hills. The reason? These cities have been gutted by socialist politics and have been doomed by failing public schools. We can begin to design educational empowerment zones in these cities and set up a civic education program that will help train our young people to run for office. I always ask myself if Michael Sessions of Hillsdale, MI can become mayor at 18 years old then our children should be doing the same.

The first thing is for us to seize control of the school boards. I am targeting in on the following cities:

1. Inkster
2. River Rouge
3. Ecorse
4. Flint
5. Saginaw
6.Benton Harbor
7. Grand Rapids
8. Muskgeon

Seizing control of these boards will give us greater direction on how dollars are being spent, pushing for the cap to be raised off charter schools and privitize certain services that will help save the school districts money. We do not have to worry about teacher unions in these areas I named because they have a weaker presence than Detroit.

We should look into controlling city councils as well. The main problem with Black Conservatives running for office is that we love to shoot to the Moon when we don't have a chance of winning. Our time for that is coming but we must be patient. Our training sessions must be consistent and we must forge a greater network from one side of the state to the other. Everyone should be on board with educational options as our first move.

Of course I will catch major hell for saying in public this but someone has to put things in motion. We no longer have a choice. It's our turn to bat.

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