Saturday, November 25, 2006

Black Conservatives and Discipline by Akindele Akinyemi

There is no way we can establish Black Regional Power base in this area of we are not doing our homework.

In other words, studying the issues that are relevant to our platform.

The fundamental problem with Young Black Conservatives and Young Black Republicans I am beginning to notice is the lack of knowledge they possess. It's good that you have a tendency to run for office at some point in your lifetime but you have to master your platform. It takes more than just knowing people in high places to win elections.

Studying is a discipline. If you study the issues during election time both you and your candidate will lose. Guaranteed. You must study year round brothers and sisters if we are going to move ahead with an agenda that works. Reading my daily e-mail blasts is an excellent start but you should expand your knowledge on your own or create focus groups over dinner to discuss strategies and create policies to lobby on.

Another factor of building a base for conservatives is the art of fellowship. How many Black conservatives know each other within the region? How many do you know that are interested in becoming active politically? If we are not bringing people together then how the hell do you expect results when it comes to educational choices, health care and lowering insurance rates in urban communities?

Breaking the walls of individualism as well as coming together spiritually will help our cause in the long run as well. We saw the results on November 7th. It's time to come together as one.

Let's build a Black Regional Power in Southeastern Michigan based on conservative technology.

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