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Black Ignorance on The MIchigan Democrats by Akindele Akinyemi

We blew it at the polls on Tuesday by failing to elect Dick DeVos. Not only the Michigan Democrats are about to introduce homosexuality into the schools under "diversity" but I just received word not even 2 hours ago that they are about to conduct a campaign against educational choice. This was confirmed from a source who works in the Michigan Department of Education.

Of course I will not let Granholm walk with this. I will ride her for four straight years if necessary to protect charters.

Let's take a look at what the Michigan Democratic Party has to say about educational choice.

Public school choice. There is public school choice throughout public education, within school districts, and across districts. However, when funds are not provided for transportation, this choice may not be equally available for everyone.

Since 1993, school choice has included charter schools which are public schools financed with public tax dollars. Democrats believe charter schools and their authorizers must be held strictly accountable in a meaningful way and that charter schools must conform to the same communication, freedom of information, financial disclosure, academic, collective bargaining and teacher certification standards and accessibility requirements as traditional public schools. We believe an essential step in enhancing accountability is to limit the involvement of for-profit and private management companies with charter schools.

Now what happened when DPS teachers went on strike for a long 16 days. The children had nowhere to go. And when the charter schools were filled up because of the strike the children had nowhere to go. And when the suburban schools filled up the children had nowhere to go.

If this is not an act of academic genocide I do not know what to say.

They also say:

No private or religious schools subsidized with public dollars. We need improved public schools to bring us together. We do not need taxpayer money to underwrite schools that separate us by race or religion. While we put our resources and commitment into enhancing public school education and choice, it is inappropriate and counterproductive to allow public tax dollars to subsidize private and religious schools.

The MDP is talking about vouchers. The same vouchers that Granholm beat DeVos over the head with. However, let's see what the rest of the country (especially Black people) have to say about vouchers:

The Gallop Poll shows 62% of blacks favor vouchers. ( Catholic Conference Education News Letter Sept/Oct. 2004)

The poll, taken by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black think tank in Washington, reports 57% of blacks, 65% of Hispanics, and 48% of whites support publicly funded tuition vouchers to pay for private education.

The union argues that 90% of the voucher money goes to religious private schools. The proponents argue that the issue has nothing to do with religion, it is to improve the education of the city's children, particularly the poorest - - and it should be up to parents which schools are chosen, and the fact catholic schools are nearly the only private schools in the inner-city area should not be the issue - - but a blessing. Source: The Economist, Feb. 23, 2002, page 35.

So why are the Michigan Democrats trying to block vouchers and choice when their loyal base constituents (African Americans) support this? This a contradiction, yet, Blacks will give their vote for a Gov. Granholm who supports failing schools.

I have never seen Black ignorance at this level before. We re-elected a Governor who is UNFRIENDLY towards educational choice KNOWING DAMN WELL we need more chocies for our children who are trapped inside failing public schools.

Next, the Michigan Democrats state the following:

Smaller class size. It is well proven that smaller class sizes contribute to improved academic success, especially in the early grades. Michigan Democrats have championed and funded
smaller class size programs in selected schools. We will work to take the next step to make certain that this successful program is expanded to all school districts in Michigan.

This is such a false statement. Reducing class size wastes resources, since quality achievement declined during the same period classroom size was reduced. And foreign students with larger classes out-score ours.

We have heard public school officials and their unions claim in recent years that much smaller class sizes are the answer to providing much improved education quality, and if only the public schools could have more money they would hire more teachers to lower the current ratio and resolve the quality problem. Should we believe that? Suppose public school test scores fell (instead of rising) as the student-teacher ratio (class size) is reduced? That's what has happened.

The near universal public assumption that smaller class sizes always are better is probably the single greatest myth about education today - - a myth created most likely as both a public relations smoke screen for school administrators, to gain more funding without a return on investment in measurable quality enhancement, and as a job-creating program for which the unions would have much interest.

Bottom-line on class size: local school boards may be doing a disservice to their community and to students by spending one dime to reduce class size for grades 2 and above. Instead, they should put their money into higher quality teachers and stricter testing of both students AND teachers. And, all 8th and 12th graders should be required to take the international math & science test series, and all parents should know their results vs. U.S. averages and relative ranking with students from other nations.

They also say the following:

Bringing up underachieving schools. Many of our schools excel, but we should focus on bringing all of Michigan’s public schools up to world-class standards. In order to accomplish this goal, Michigan Democrats will focus on strengthening and improving education in our neighborhoods of greatest need. It must always be remembered that the number one way to improve education is to have a fully qualified teacher in every classroom, teaching subjects in which she/he is qualified without limiting teachers’ ability to professionally evolve.

This is a lie. We can prove it here at One Detroit.

90% of the educational market in Michigan is a monopoly.

It has been said many times 'that any provider that commands 90% of the market - whether we are talking about phone service or heating oil - is by definition, a monopoly. Our government employees thousands of bureaucrats to track down and break up monopolies on the grounds that monopolies stifle competition and thereby produce inferior products at high prices. Doesn't it strike anyone as strange that the same government protects its own monopoly in education? And stranger still that many accept this state of affairs as normal?' Feb. 1999 - Jennifer Grossman, Children's Scholarship Fund.

Parents are under the pressure of having less (instead of more) choice. Families are mandated by law to pay increasing property taxes to fund the higher cost/lower quality public system, together with increases in other taxes, while real median family incomes have stagnated and fallen over the past 2 decades. Therefore, it has become more difficult (instead of easier) for families to finance both systems - - and more are shut out of choosing the best quality education for their children. This is another type of 'Child-Abuse.'

Meanwhile - - teachers and politicians (among others), with enough income to pay public school property taxes plus a private school tuition, are making a clear choice by sending their kids to private schools - - another indication of which system (public vs. private) offers the best quality. Jennifer Granholm sends her children to non-public schools to exercise educational choice OUTSIDE the traditional public school system but crucifies Dick DeVos for educational choice.

More funding is not needed. We must mandate reform which redistributes existing funds (which include an indicated 'waste' of $44,000 per student) to more parental choice to stop this abuse.

Were you suprised in 2005 when the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reported that the testing of 300,000 students nation-wide showed that 82% of 12th grade students were not proficient in math and science - - even worse than 10 years earlier. 73% of 4th graders failed to gain proficiency scores. 8th graders showed no improvement in the past 10 years. (Imprimis, Feb. 2005, page 2)

Study after study, test after test - - powerful evidence continues to prove that America's public education system is failing big-time regarding produce quality, compared to America's own past generations and compared to today's students in foreign nations.

Mason-Dixon Poll, in Florida, March 30, 1997:

67% said low academic standards - 58% lax discipline - 47% say incompetent teachers, 75% favor elimination of teacher tenure - 55% for much smaller school districts with local control

More than half the money for public education is CONTROLLED by federal & state bureaucracies - immune from parental influence. This provides a 'siphon' opportunity from classroom efficiency and quality, PLUS tremendous centralized power to mandate regulations on local school districts. Further, such power provides a focused, centralized 'playground' for unions and social do-gooders to leverage their narrow interests, without answering to world-class quality, local school boards and parents - - plus self-serving resistance to change. Central planning has been a failure concerning democracy, efficiency and quality, wherever tried. Education's record fits - PERFECTLY! Consider downsizing all federal-state education bureaucracies by 95%, and restricting national union and federal & state government influence over local school boards and their employees - - basically, restructure-decentralize-privatize.

The point? Black conservatives must take this educational choice movement into their own personal hands. We cannot wait any longer to deal with outside forces to change our school system. This is our fight and we cannot allow homosexual billionaire Jon Stryker, Michigan Democrats and Jennifer Granholm to get their way on educational choice or our childen will fall by the wayside.

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