Monday, November 20, 2006

Black Regional Power by Akindele Akinyemi

Black conservatives need to start having the discussion of putting in place Black Regional Power in Southeastern Michigan. It is not a decades old story because for many years we have wasted our efforts in trying to get Black Republicans elected in Detroit.

When I look at numbers from the general elections with Black Republicans like the ones below:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor
Vote For not more than 1

DeVos/Johnson (REP) . . . . . . . 9,872 4.33
Granholm/Cherry, Jr. (DEM). . . . . 216,597 95.05

US Senator
Vote For not more than 1

Michael Bouchard (REP) . . . . . . 9,672 4.27
Debbie Stabenow (DEM) . . . . . . 213,771 94.36

It demonstrates to me that we have no base and no power within the City of Detroit. There is no way in hell a DeVos should have received a mere 4% of the total vote in Detroit. This told me we have a lot of work to do.

When we run candidates that are supposed to benefit our people it is our total responsibility to make sure they cross the finish line. We lost BOTH Keith Butler and DeVos to ignorant Blacks who continue to vote Democratic.

But I do not blame them. Some of the Black conservatives I know are so far out in space that they have allowed their individuality to help contribute to a Granholm victory by staying on the sideline in the line of fire. Some are in statewide leadership roles but did nothing.

You live and you learn. However, since I am taking on some leadership roles in re-designing a more efficient network I advise you to read what I am going to say.

The reason why Black conservatives are having such a hard time winning elections in Metro Detroit is because the Democratic Party in this area has learned how to network. their grassroots network is strong. I even underestimated them. It takes a little more than Victory Centers to build regional power in SE Michigan.

Black Conservatives network is split in too many directions because we have a tendency to think individualistic. When be begin to think collectively we will be able to get things done. Groups like Alliance GOP and Michigan Black Republican Council should be networked with One Detroit and the National United Freedom Alliance under one roof. That network should then expand statewide to Benton Harbor and Grand Rapids.

There are three ingredients that we use here at One Detroit that has worked in the past.

The first step is accountability. We must hold each other accountable for each others actions. What affects us in Detroit will affect us in Ypsilanti and Farmington Hills where we have brothers and sisters already as elected officials.

The second step is integrity. Our regional network must have integrity to combat the negative attacks from those who do not want us to succeed. Integrity stems from spiritual discipline and mental discipline. Without this there is no network.

The third step is trust. Metro Detroiters do not trust Black Republicans and even Conservative Democrats. This stems from a lack of education and no input from our own media outlet.

The Michigan Democratic Party recruited Homosexual billionaire Jon Stryker to push them over the top. Where are these wealthy people that are going to help our network expand and put us in a position for battle in 2008?

If we want to position ourselves in Detroit then we must recruit 100 young conservatives to file Republican to become precinct delegates in 2008. This will lay out the foundation for our grassroots program.

Regional networking is crucial to our success because African Americans now live outside of Detroit. Their interests is OUR interests.

We should not waste our time in trying to penetrate Detroit when we live in places like Inkster, River Rouge, Port Huron, Mt. Clemens, and even Farmington Hills. Noticed I left out Southfield and Lathrup Village. The population have shifted from Detroit to Southfield/Lathrup Village and therefore these same people that voted Democrat in Detroit vote Democrat in Southfield/Lathrup Village.

In this case we recruit and run a conservative Democrat for office. This includes places like Flint, Pontiac, Ann Arbor and Ecorse.

Now once we set up this regional network we should look into the foundation of why our people are continuing to vote the way they do. It is a pattern that stems from 5 decades of union power that has translated into the educational system. Therefore, candidates running for school board and city council in areas with populations of 30,000 or less would easily win. Then we push for educational options.

Our economic development in these smaller municipalities should all be networked. Instead of having a Inkster Black Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce, etc. we should introduce a Black Regional Chamber to pull our resources together. Have you ever looked at the Detroit Regional Chamber? They are a conglomerate of businesses networked into one that serves the best interests of Metro Detroit.

Where are our conglomerate of Black businesses that will help sponsor radio programs to promote conservative values and conservative candidates? Where are our businessess networks that will help sponsor civic education training for potential candidates? We need to jump on this right away to position ourselves for 2008.

We have to get into the habit of saying METRO Detroit and not just Detroit. Our people are everywhere and we have to play the game. Our mission within this network should be reforming educational policy by lifting the cap off charters, restructuring teacher certification requirements and establishing educational empowerment zones.

We should be having smaller retreats up north and participating in the Mackinac Conference on Public Policy as a network. We should always have representation from Black conservatives on Mackinac Island EVERY YEAR.

There are school board elections next year in several areas. Regionally, we should be training our candidates to get ready for the big show in 2008.

Is this Black Power? Yes it is. Not the Black power of old that promoted socialism. This Black Power is fueled by conservative technology.

So don't let the Michigan Democrats blow you away. We need to better arm ourselves on the issues, strategies and re-development of executing our plan.

Things are going to go in our favor. Hang on and stay with us.

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