Monday, November 06, 2006

The Fantastic Four of Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

The Fantastic Four are going to sweep hands down in tomorrow's election. If you don't know who are the Fantastic Four of Michigan they are:

1. Dick DeVos (Mr. Fantastic)
2. Terri Lynn Land (The Invisible Woman)
3. Mike Bouchard (The Human Torch)
4. Mike Cox (The Thing)

Regardless of what you have read damn near all of the young adults that I have spoken with and polled from our internal polls here at One Detroit shows that the Fantastic Four is on the way to victory. Their main gripe with Granholm and Stabenow from a group of 18-35 year old?

Jobs and education. Shockingly, most young adults feel that we should have welfare limits because it drains the state's economy.

Young adults have opened the gates of living hell on Granholm for trying to weed out homeschooling and other educational options. They are going with DeVos because they say Michigan needs a change.

And they are sick of Granholm's lies on TV. Even young adults who are African American are pissed off at Granholm. It's the OLDER people that are supporting Granholm. Those OLD union people that are supporting Granholm.

Today's liberal Detroit Free Press is reporting:

GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis also released a report on the partyƂ’s absentee voter program which he said could provide the difference in a close race. Anuzis said more than 600,000 absentee ballots were requested across the state in 2006, and that 435,252 have been returned so far. Of that total, nearly 62% were from voters the party has identified as Republicans or Republican-leaning.

I know for a fact that the we have contacted over 176,000 on Saturday, 100,000 on Friday, another 185,000 on Sunday and we still have more to do today and tomorrow. While the "Democratic Precinct Delegates" are working their SW Detroit corner and are distorting the facts we are out-working, out-hustling and smoking the Democratic base.

This Network is conducting an independent campaign right now as I am writing this to turn out the vote. This is the most sophisticated effort this network has ever conducted. By us partnering with the Michigan Republicans and other networks we are utilizing all of our resources on GOTV,travelingg city to city and been on several radio showsstatewidee.

The Fantastic Four are on the trail once again. Mike Bouchard and Dick DeVos's daughters have pushed them BOTH over the limit in their commercials. MikeCoxx is looking good and so is Terri Lynn Land.

DeVos has campaigned in all 83 counties (twice), asking for every vote. One Detroit has covered hisactivitiess in the City of Detroit. Here is a man that is committed to changing Detroit and is not about the foolishness that Granholm has brought.

We need DeVos to capture 7%-9% in Detroit to win statewide. That's all people and since it is supposed to rain tomorrow that spells doom for the Michigan Democratic Party.

As far as Bouchard, if he can solidify his base in Oakland County we will dance to victory as well.

The Fantastic Four are looking great.


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