Sunday, November 26, 2006

Health Evolution by Akindele Akinyemi

Educators need to collaborate on how to feed our children healthy alternatives in the school structure. This should be done without government's interference. Government should not have to come down to an educational institution to direct us how to feed our children. This is our own personal responsibility. Health plays a crucial role in the evolutionary step of charter schools. Whether it's mental or physical health plays a revolutionary role in developing a holistic mindset or our children. With the advent of modern day technology this will help– improve our quality of life. It will also impact us more than ever therefore health educators must be competent intechnologicall advances.

As innovators of education we must understand also how the family structure will continue to change. Charter advocates and educators have to understand traditional family is less common; postmodern family has many variations. Therefore, health educators will need to adapt to these changes in order to reach all individuals, families and communities.

Part of that outreach must include a more conservative way of building family cells in our community and classrooms. I would personally like to see educators expand on spiritual development in the classroom by way of meditation, breathing exercises and even yoga being practiced during homeroom. Some charters (like African-centered schools in Metro Detroit) practice this daily.

Health educators must realize also in schools of choice that the
political climate has changed. While people voted for the Democrats here in Michigan our people young adults are still turning to the conservative way of living. Not just physical conservatism but spiritual conservatism. We cannot implement Jesus Christ into the classroom but we can explain to our students how spiritual education plays a critical role in their development. Spiritual education is a form of discipline that our children sorely lacks in the classroom environment.

Education is also a good way to teach young people how to eat to live.
With the erosion of power in medical care establishment, impact of lifestyle, and many uninsured African Americans in the community now is the time to begin to promotechangess to our lifestyle. Health educators can help by promoting a healthier lifestyle by working with educational leadership within the school structure to replace junk food with healthier snacks, water and natural juices instead of pop and this one is hardly ever talked about; promoting a healthy classroom environment. This may include soft music with plants, aquatic life and teaching our children to respect life on this planet.

Charters need to promote aholisticc health consciousness within the classroom.
Children learn best when they are healthy. We should take the lead of coordinating school health programs with emphasis on school health service.

As we evolve educational options from a health conscious standpoint
we have to keep our employees (& their families) healthy in order to keep production high & reduce the cost of health insurance.

Health education is necessary for quality health care in our community. Schools of choice must begin to take the lead in this effort to promote conscious and analytical thinkers in our classroom in a world that is based on globalization.

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