Monday, November 06, 2006

Just Say Yes, Michigan by John McWhorter

Argues the moderate-liberal commentator, about Proposition 2, which would bar racial preferences - affirmative action - in the state's public institutions: "But telling black people, 'You can only compete under ideal conditions' is telling not just Republicans, but also black people, no. Ms. Coleman, like Antigone, is striking a pose in neglect of larger consequences. Those prepared to vote no on Proposition 2 must look inward and consider whether their vote is for progress or a mere protest vote against 'bad people' trying to 'undo the civil rights movement.' For instance, one searches the civil rights archives in vain for calls to lower standards for black people to make up for the past. And that is how racial preferences typically play out. Even the Supreme Court, while upholding Michigan's law school policy, couldn't resist deep-sixing the undergraduate one, under which being black meant an automatic 20 points while a perfect SAT got you only 12. Poverty is not the issue. Most black families today are not poor. The question is why so few middle-class black students hit the highest note on grades and test scores. Remedying this situation means combating the tendency for black teens to tease black nerds for 'acting white.' It means a conversation in the black community about raising children who hit the books.It does not mean shrinking from real competition until America is perfect.

"He adds: "Creon tells Antigone that giving in like this is too cowardly. He even lets her in on the fact that unbeknownst to her, Polynices was a mere 'mindless party animal, a vicious little carnivore.' (The production's script is a flinty translation from the French by, incidentally, Edward Teller's grandson of all people!) In the same way, diversity rhetoric is a Trojan horse. In law schools, where lowering standards to wangle 'enough' black students is routine, over half of black law students end up in the lowest 10% of their classes after the first year (one in 20 whites do). Further, the Mary Sue Colemans are so happy to have diverse faces around, but the 'diverse' hate being singled out as such.....As for 'resegregation,' how about this: The year before preferences were banned at the University of California, exactly one black freshman made honors at the University of California San Diego. But in 1999 after the ban, 20% of the honors freshmen at San Diego were black. The reason was that black students who formerly were admitted to the flagship schools — UC Berkeley and UCLA — under the bar, now placed into fine second-tier schools like UC San Diego. This is not resegregation but reshuffling, and those who fail to see progress in it are saying no as a gesture, not out of sincere concern."

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FreeMan said...

Not just (b)lack people lower case (b)- but Black Afrikans & the Michigan's Majority Population - Women -
Standardized tests scores are Racist & based upon White European-American norms
your proposal denies the Sexist/Racist history of the Michigan's governmental contracting
Vote No Proposal 2 - on November 7, 2006 Tuesday in Michigan - Support Affirmative Action
See ""

Afrknsci said...

Only a slave would either vote for or endorse a candidate who is not accountable to the voters. Any vote for a candidate running as a democrat or republican is a vote to maintain the status quo. Granholm and Devos buys Negroes a dime a dozen...

FreeMan said...

What does this have to do with Affirmative Action?
So what do you do in light of the lack of independent political structures in the Black Afrikan community? Vote 3rd party who can not win?
God calls people to be wise -
Is it wise not to vote?