Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mayor Kilpatrick Is Secretly Backing Dick DeVos by Akindele Akinyemi

This just in.

I just got off the phone with a reliable source from the Granholm Camp who was on a conference call with the Governor a couple of nights ago. One confirmed source, who was on the phone with Granholm, even went as far as saying how people in Mayor Kilpatrick's camp have lost so much faith in the Governor that they are not even concentrating on re-electing Gov. Granholm but they will be concentrating on defeating the MCRI on November 7th.

I have said for months now that Gov. Granholm has turned her back on the City of Detroit and Mayor Kilpatrick. Remember, Granholm supported Freman Hendrix over Mayor Kilpatrick in last year's mayorial race. In fact, Granholm has done so much harm to Mayor's Kilpatrick's city that you have not seen the Mayor coming out stomping for Granholm.

People are asking if this is really true then why is Mayor Kilpatrick doing radio ads on behalf of the Governor?

Have you ever heard of being held hostage in your own party? If Kilpatrick was to come out and support Dick DeVos openly it would cause a political war overnight in the City of Detroit. Mass hysteria of White people trying to take over the city would be on the front page of every major Black newspaper in the city. The Mayor's political ties would go up in flames and there would even be door to door combat in certain neighborhoods where the Mayor has strong ties to.

We know that the Mayor MUST support his own party (even though he does not want to support an aging Democratic Party) but we also know that he will be casting his ballot for Dick DeVos.

We would like to take the time to thank the Mayor of the City of Detroit as well as his wonderful staff for voting for Dick DeVos. These young, beautiful and intelligent people know that in order for the Next Detroit to occur we must begin to set up balanced relationships between Lansing and Detroit. In other words, a Milliken and Young type relationship would help benefit the City of Detroit.

Now, if the Mayor of the City of Detroit is voting for Dick DeVos then we know his young followers are going to vote for him as well.

Thank you, once again for being a part of change.

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