Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No Clue by Akindele Akinyemi

I cannot believe with y own eyes that Dick DeVos lost this race to Jennifer Granholm. It tell me a lot about Michigan and it tells me alot about African Americans in general.

We have no clue. We are a laughing stock in the country. Vote Democratic and let us take care of you by raising the taxes that you cannot afford anyway.

I must give it to Jennifer Granholm. She put on the greatest show ever. I have never seen such deception, lies, prejudice and manipulation on TV in my life. I have never seen a governor sell her OWN people up the river like this Governor. A governor who don't even LIKE Black people.

And people wanted to give her another term so we can blown away. Add the fact that Proposal 2 passed by a large margin as well as the State House is now controlled by Democrats we have total chaos.

I cannot get people to understand how we need to balance the political spectrum out in Detroit. Again, we gave Granholm another chance while she continues to cut off revenue sharing from Detroit and attempting to eliminate homeschooling.

This is an outright insult. This governor will NOT endorse educational options and NOW we have Democrats controlling the State House? Our children will be forced to go to failing public schools under this regime.

Even though Dick DeVos lost this race we have NOT lost focus on what we must do. If Granholm wants to fight over education and charters we will once again pull our resources and fight her head on. We endorsed DeVos because of his strong stance on educational choices. Granholm scared Black people on vouchers.

We will scare Black people on how Granholm is getting ready to endorse the idea of alternative lifestyles in the curriculum here in Michigan.

This fight on educational choices are not going away. Sorry, if you supported Granholm in this election that was your choice. I know the truth about the Governor and I would have NEVER voted and supported her because she is against educational choice and has no urban agenda.

The majority of Black people who voted were uneducated and pissed off about DeVos's welfare comments. It is my personal belief that you should perish because you lack knowledge. If you choose to have unprotected sex and keep getting abortions, engage in same sex relationships, continue sending your child to failing schools and blame the governor even though you voted for her again, and live a lifestyle that is congruent to Satan's then that is on you.

There should be a limit on welfare and this talk about a woman having three children to care for is an excuse for her to be on welfare more than 4 years. We have been living in a cave too long.

This cap on charter schools will be lifted with sound community education and getting people to understand educational choices without being bounded to a schools system that is violent. I know the conservative Democrats in the State House so this will not be a problem creating a non-partisan effort to raise this cap.

State Democrats (especially Detroit Democrats) I am putting you on notice. Regardless of the fact that we support you it is necessary to support educational choices. Anything less than this is failure.

We have no clue by re-electing Jennifer Granholm. We love poverty, we love homosexuality, we love sleeping with every man and woman, we love diseases, and we love welfare and being uneducated. I don't love any of these things so enjoy killing one another under YOUR GIRL GRANHOLM's leadership. Any white woman who can come into the hood and show a teddy bear made in China and win an election deserve to go back to Lansing on the back of people who cannot read, write and comprehend. This is why Detroit is 47% functionally illerate.

I want no part of this madness. For those who want to change Detroit go right ahead. Enjoy the fact that you have no affirmative action and there is a greater chance for me leaving this state all together because I cannot deal with ignorant Black people in this city. This has to be the most ignorant, trifling and insane city I have ever lived in. I am embarrassed to be a Detroiter after seeing how Blacks blindly voted Democratic for Granholm. I am also embarrassed at those who voted for Granholm but do not have a job, cannot pay the bills, have shut off notices and did not finish high school.

Those who voted for Granholm in the City of Detroit are an embarrassment and you can now build your little Democratic empire that is built on death and mis-education. I want no part of this foolishness. I will seek peace and prosperity.

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