Monday, November 06, 2006

Overdrive by Akindele Akinyemi

As a geographer who has studied this subject well over 20 years I can tell you that we are marching towards victory on Tuesday. After studying this map twice I can clearly see that we are no longer in striking distance but now we are slowly pulling ahead.

This is wonderful news. Our GOTV machine is working, up and running at 1000%. We have peaked thank God. We are now moving ahead of Granholm.

The ONLY areas where Democrats are in full control are the following cities:

1. Detroit
2. Benton Harbor
3. Saginaw
4. Flint
5. Highland Park
6. Ecorse
7. River Rouge
8. Inkster
9. Romulus
10. Ann Arbor
11. Bay City
12. Hamtramck

Every area where the Democrats are in control they have the following:

1. High property taxes (like Ann Arbor).

2. High crime rates. Detroit and Flint are ranked #2-#3 respectively in the nation in this category.

3.High taxes in general to the point of where people cannot have or operate small businesses.

4. Unions, Unions Unions. They normally control the direction of the political spectrum in Democratic controlled cities. Example: Detroit and Saginaw.

5. Failing public schools. This is a norm in Democratic controlled cities with a large urban population.

Here's why we will win tomorrow.

1. Shrinking union base across Michigan.

2. The public schools are in shambles. I would like to take the time to thank the Detroit Federation of Teachers for striking back in late August and early September. You have inflamed parents who wanted their children to start school on time. Add this on with the fact that you have lost 19,000 students tot he elements parents are now asking for more options. When Granholm found out that taxpaying citizens were homeschooling their children she decided to begin to weed out homeschooling in the inner cities.

Who the hell would re-elect someone who is forcing you to go to a failing public school.

3. Again, the people who are supporting the Democratic Party are old people who have gray hairs. Look at ANY union rally, ANY failing public school district, ANY thing that is attached to the Democratic party and YOU WILL NOT find any young people ACTIVELY engaged in the Democratic Party.

Look at the aging Democratic Party in Detroit alone:

John Conyers is 77.
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is 61.
Irma Clark Coleman is 69.
Martha G Scott is 70.
Debbie Stabenow is 54
Carl Levin is 70 something.

Then you have this batch of dinosaurs who is still stuck on unions and have not evolved with time:

JoAnn Watson
Barbara Rose Collins
Brenda Jones
Kwame Kenyatta
Martha Reeves
Jewel Ware
Maureen Taylor
Stevetta Johnson
Kay Beard
Bernard Parker
Helen Moore

And I have not even begin to name the countless people in the City of Detroit who has fallen behind the times trying to hold on to the past while the rest of America is moving forward.

I have said a million times we need political balance in Detroit. It's time for Detroiters to take a hard look at our political spectrum.

4. Messaging. Dick DeVos is not attacking Jennifer Granholm. He did what ANY other business person would do..pull up her record and exposed it for what it is. Granholm is lying, pulling out personal information and etc. on DeVos that has nothing to do with turning Michigan around.

Take a look at how other minorities are advancing and are bargaining at the table unlike Black people.

This is the makeup of both African Americans and Hispanics in Congress.

Black Members. A record number (43) of black Members are serving, 42 in the House, one in the Senate. All are Democrats, including two Delegates. Fourteen black women serve in the House, including the two Delegates. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) is the first male, black Democrat to serve in the Senate.

Hispanic Members. The 29 Hispanic Members of the 109th Congress are the largest number ever to have served in a single Congress. Twenty-five serve in the House and three in the Senate. Of the Members of the House, 20 are Democrats, six are Republicans (including the Resident Commissioner), and seven are women. The Hispanic Senators are men, two Democrats and one Republican.

How come the Black representatives make themselves look bad and just represent the Democrats while Hispanics are bargaining on BOTH sides of the aisle?

Brothers and sisters, we are at the point of where it is time for us to tell the Democratic Party that we are sick and tired of failing schools, poor quality of life and redtape.

While the Democratic Precinct Delegates, Granholm team and MDP continue to scare African Americans in voting Democrat it is our responsibility to give our people hope. The Democrats have been in power for 5 decades and that is more than enough time to change our city around.

They have failed generations and it's time to change Michigan.

That change begins with Dick DeVos tomorrow. The change we need is the Fantastic Four. Let's put this race in overdrive and win.

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