Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pushing for Alternative Teacher Certification by Akindele Akinyemi

We understand how educational options is the future of One Detroit and the future of education. I have spoken on the issue of alternative teacher certification in the past due to the lack of 2 million teachers in schools nationwide.

We must push for alternative teacher certification because of the changing trends in education. The baby boomers are now retiring and those administrators who are now 60 years of age or older are leaving the field after 3-4 decades.

That leaves educators like us who are innovative and creative in their approach to education. Educators must be strategic in their approach to elevating the consciousness of our children in the classroom.

The old factory model type of teaching is now over. This is the principal reason why big government schools like Detroit Public Schools and Benton Harbor Public Schools are failing our children. You have teachers in these schools that have not adapted to the current trends of education and therefore are disconnected with the students.

This has nothing to do with becoming more conservative over time. This has something to do with becoming stuck in your ways. That's fine and in many cases natural.

What is unnatural is for state lawmakers and especially the Michigan Democrats to block current efforts to make education a more attractive field for young people to work in. It is necessary to amend the school code in this state to help people of all ages who have been working in a field for over 25 years and then want to make a career change. This change can come from a stronger form of alternative teacher certification without all of the redtape.

Part of the changing dynamic in this region is to begin seeking young adults in to the field of education through alternative teacher certification. It is ridiculous to spend 2-3 years in a teacher certification program ONLY to receive a provisional certificate in a urban community that is lacking teachers to begin with.

We have to begin our campaign on pushing for more educational options through alternatives in our community. It is a disgrace for ANY teacher union in this state to go against alternative methods to teacher certification. Once again, brothers and sisters, this is our fight.

The vision is simply this. Education is the main artery of our very existence on Earth. If we are not educated on Jesus Christ or God then we cannot possibly follow HIS instructions to build HIS kingdom here on Earth.

If people are not educated about insurance rates then they will get bad deals.

If people are not educated about civic education in the classrooms then we will continue to vote in the same exact pattern as those before us.

The establishment of Urban Regional Power through Conservative Technology will help us forge ahead for more educational options in our base. Conservatives on all levels must be able to pull together to break the cap off charter schools, begin the discussion for tax credits and push HARDER for alternative teacher certification in urban communities. This is how we build a Statewide One Network on an academic foundation.

This is a long fight but we will prevail.

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