Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stryker and Granholm In The Bed Together by Akindele Akinyemi

Now we are beginning to see how why Jon Stryker need his whore back in office. To push his homosexual agenda on Black people.

We are already falling apart from immoral sexual behavior. We already are defiling God by having Black gay preachers on the pulpit. Even I left the United Church of Christ because they believe in homosexuality on the pulpit. Yes, this includes churches like Fellowship Chapel in Detroit.

Now, Stryker is revealing even more of his agenda as election time nears. He wants the Governor to back his homosexual and incest agenda on African Americans.

This is a civil war of sorts. We have a governor who hates Detroit and uses Detroit for votes.

She wants homosexuality taught in classes under "diversity" lessons. She is for "safe zones" in high schools in Detroit.

But let's look at the facts about why Jennifer Granholm has abandoned Detroit. Ever since Granholm took office, money shared with cities has been cut by $360.4 million. The City of Detroit alone has seen revenue sharing slashed by $41 million under Jennifer Granholm. Even the Detroit City Council and the ringleader of "Sista to Sista, Neighbor to Neighbor, Labor to Labor" Jo Ann Watson and even threatened to sue Granholm for this act of evil.

Now she is in the bed with Granholm.

Granholm's Detroit cuts prompted on prominent leader to speak out:

"Which all but begs this question of the governor..Have you forgotten about us?"

-Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit (Detroit Free Press, 7/24/06)
Under this immoral Governor nearly half (44.7%) of the children live in poverty in Detroit.

Granholm cut 1300 uniformed police officers from Michigan streets. Now we have the sound of war in our backyards daily in Detroit.

The Granholm Administration lost track of 2,621 parole violators that now are raping our children in the streets on the way to school, back from school and in the hallways of our educational institutions. Yet, you want to vote her back in office.

Her and Jon Stryker are in bed together along with her other whoremongers. Granholm has done an excellent job in convincing clergymen and women in Detroit to bend over for her so-called progressive agenda. This is an agenda to:

Promote homosexuality in the classroom.

Promote beastiality to children and adults. With a Democratic majority in Michigan it would be all right for you to bang sheep or any farm animal in your backyard.

Lower the age of consent to 11 years old.

With the help of Jon Stryker sign a bill into law to practice incest in Michigan.

Overturn marriage between man and woman and give gay people benefits as well as same sex marriages.

These things that I am saying I am NOT making this up. My sources in Kalamazoo have told me these things are on the table.

Granholm has a gay and lesbian agenda for Michigan but she does not have an urban agenda. She has a abortion agenda but not a Black woman agenda. Her 21st century Jobs Fund does not exist according to people in her own camp. This is no more than stuff she took from her Blueprint plan and pieced them together. Its' made up.

Yet, Black people on her campaign will serve their masters well and in the end receive the crumbs that fall from the table. That's a shame.

A vote for Granholm is a vote for homosexuality, bi-sexuality and incest.

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