Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank You Black Republicans by Akindele Akinyemi

First, allow me to take the time to THANK all of the young Black conservatives who ran or participated in this election cycle. We ran more Black Republican candidates nationwide than ever before without fear.

(a) Zhe Clampitt ran for state representative in District 17 against Andy Dillion in Redford Township against tremendous odds.

(b) Todd White was in the lead until his signs were vandalized by Democrats. He lost to Jim Nash in Farmington Hills.

(c) Torion Bridges lost to Burton Leland in the Wayne County Commission Race in District 7.

I would also like to thank both Carmen Hodge and Yvette Robinson for holding it down at the Detroit Victory Center. These sisters worked against the odds, got the job done, and kept it moving.

However, let me say that I am disappointed in Black people (again) for not voting their values. It's no wonder God cannot bring us from despair because we drop the ball at the voting booth. It is common sense to vote for a candidate that shares the same values as you do.

Second, I am disappointed Proposal 2 passed to ban affirmative action. I had someone in line to vote yesterday turned around and asked me "what is this No on 2 stuff." I knew then we were going to hell.

Third, I am disappointed in Granholm getting re-elected. She ran the most divisive campaign I have ever witnessed. Here is a woman who is weak on education, no urban agenda and is trying to eliminate homeschooling.

Fourth, I am disappointed in Stabenow being re-elected. What has she done for people of color?

Fifth, I am disappointed in President Bush for sabotaging his own party. People directed their anger on good, qualified Republicans who lost their seats due to the War on Iraq.

Our people are such a waste when it comes to elections. We don't read the issues thoroughly. We have conducted civic education classes for 15 straight weeks on the proposals and the candidates FOR FREE and we still came up short. We are not interested in change.

We love poverty, hustling, killing, being poor, jacking, raping, dropping out of school, death, destruction, going to jail, having sex with everyone, HIV-AIDS, no education, stealing, STD's, baby mama drama, anything that is negative.

I have said time again that I do not want to work with ignorant Black people due to paranoia and fear. I only want to work with the very elite. That is all. I am tired trying to save Black people when there is nothing I can do to guide them because of the lack of education. If they are interested in what I am doing educate yourself first. Anyone that is trying to justify an unlimited timeframe on welfare is uneducated.

This is the population of MOST of us in ANY urban area in Michigan.

They can keep Detroit to themselves. I hope it burns in hell.

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