Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wake The Hell Up by Reggie Harris

I understand why Detroiters are afraid to vote for Dick DeVos now.

They are too lazy to get up off their asses and read his Urban Turn Around Plan. Have they even asked the Governor about her urban plan? There is no urban plan, no 21st Century Jobs Fund or no improvement in K-12 education.

In Islam the things that are made up called hadiths. Granholm has been telling hadiths since 2002.

They have been watching the tragic ads that the Granholm Camp have been putting out. Like that garbage ad with the teddy bear supposedly made in China.

But what the Governor will not tell you poor, ignorant people is that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has an office in Shanghai, China right now!!!!

And what about our poor, Black leaders and constituents who are preparing to vote for a Governor who has not done one goddamn thing for the City of Detroit.

Brothers and sisters there are no jobs and no hope for us here in Detroit. Unless, we vote for Dick DeVos next Tuesday we are going to hell.

Brother Akindele has been on the front lines of promoting the Urban Turn Around Plan to African Americans here in the hood. He has dissected Jennifer Granholm and the Republican Party.

It's time that we take a look at the plan and vote for DeVos.

Thank you.

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