Sunday, November 05, 2006

We Are In A Race Against Education and Catastrophe By Akindele Akinyemi

I wanted to take the time to talk to you about the importance of this upcoming election. IN about 48 hours African Americans are going to vote all across the State of Michigan to vote for their candidate of choice.

It's our right to vote and we should. However, we need to take a look at the most important race in the State of Michigan.

Governor Jennifer Granholm and Challenger Dick DeVos.

One Detroit has been consistently supporting Dick DeVos since January of this year. The reason? We feel that he is the best person for the job.

There is a serious crisis here in every urban community in the State of Michigan. I have been to every single urban center that is Democratically controlled. Since January, I have traveled to Saginaw, Flint, Muskegon, Hamtramck ,Ecorse, River Rouge, Inkster, Lansing, Pontiac, Kalamazoo, and just yesterday Benton Harbor, where I visited for the first time in 12 years.

ALL of these citites are suffering from the effects of the Granholm Administration. My Democratic collegues keep telling me that Gov. Granholm should be given more time. I keep telling them we are out of time.

I do not believe in that notion of Granholm should be given more time. In sports, a coach is given a very short amount of time to change a team around. If that coach does not deliver of what he/she was hired to do then that person is fired. Did you see what happened to John L. Smith of Michigan State University who was the head coach of the football team? He was fired because Ron Mason, the Athletic Director of MSU, felt that he was no longer a good fit.

When Granholm came into office in 2002 we felt she was a good fit and we had high hopes for her. But now, we can cleary see that this was a mistake.

There are other governors across the country tha came in at the same time as Gov. Granholm and they have turned their state's economies around. Yet, our people are giving Granholm excuses and excuses to keep her.

I have been saying that African Americans here in our urban communites across Michigan are so ingrained with the fear of change that we keep making the same mistakes. One person told me while I was putting up lawn signs for anoter candidate earlier this week that we should keep Granholm and "hope" she will change things.

Hope? That is a code word for fear and in some cases paranoia.

But the biggest thing I am having a serious problem with is lack of respect from Gov. Granholm in terms of respecting the African American community as a whole. I have asked SOMEONE to come forth (including e-mailing the Governor TWICE) to share with us her urban agenda. NO ONE in the Michigan Young Democrats, Granholm Camp, Democratic Precinct Delegates in SW Detroit or wherever, Sista to Sista, Labor to Labor, Neighbor to Neighbor, ANYONE has answered this question. However, Dick DeVos has come out with his Urban Turn Around agenda. For that alone, he has my respect.

The point? Granholm has a Gay and Lesbian agenda through her Cool Citites Initiative but NO URBAN agenda. Yet, 80% of Black people in Detroit will vote for her on Tuesday even though she has NO URBAN AGENDA. That is problematic even for someone with a high school diploma. And I am personally offended that someone who I voted and supported for in 2002 would not give us ANY CLUE of how we can move an urban agenda where African Americans live and raise their families.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson has done a BETTER job in making business friendlier in terms of taxes in Oakland County than Granholm has done in Michigan.

The other problem is Granholm's inability to create a business friendly job climate for people in Michigan. For example, I have a friend who is trying to start a business in the City of Detroit. First, when he had questions he was referred to at least five different departments in city government before someone can answer his ONE question.

Then he has to fill out a 65 step process that each cost $250 a piece. He still may not get approved for a business license in the City of Detroit even though he has to pay all of this money.

This is a result of what you call a Single Business Tax, the same tax that Gov. Granholm vetoed earlier this year. It took a petition drive to get rid of it led by L. Brooks Patterson of Oakland County.

While Granholm is fooling around on this very sensitive issue Black owned businesses have gone under or moved out of state because of her inability to make Michigan a business friendly climate.

I also do not think that African Americans who plan on voting for Jennifer Granholm know this about her as well.

You know that commercial she has with the teddy bear? I think you need to look closer:

Granholm Ad

The Truth

Granholm: When Dick DeVos was exposed for eliminating 1,000 jobs in Michigan and building an Amway factory in China, his campaign quickly came up with the excuse that Amway doesn’t sell anything in the United States.

ANOTHER LIE from Governor Granholm. With time winding down on this year’s election Granholm’s campaign is getting nervous and desperate and will say anything to smear Dick DeVos’ name and take focus off of the governor’s deplorable record. For what seems like the hundredth time, here is the truth about Dick DeVos and China:

  • Despite what Governor Granholm has claimed about Dick DeVos, NOT ONE MICHIGAN JOB HAS BEEN OUTSOURCED TO CHINA (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).
  • The jobs cuts at Alticor and the move to China were completely unrelated. (Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley, 4/2/06).
  • NOT ONE product that is produced in China by Alticor is sold in the United States. Alticor’s China operations produce goods in China for consumers in other Asian countries (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 8/21/05).
  • Alticor built a plant in China because Chinese law requires it (Detroit News Editorial, 5/17/06).

  • Throughout Alticor’s restructuring, NOT ONE manufacturing jobs was lost.

  • From 1995 to 2003, the same time period that Alticor invested $200 million in China, the company invested $700 million into its operations here in Michigan (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

  • Other companies that have locations both here in Michigan and in China include such successful companies as:
    1. American Axel
    2. General Motors Corporation
    3. Ford Motor Company
    4. Compuware
    5. Federal Mogul
    6. Lear
    7. Metaldyne
    8. Delphi Corporation
    9. Visteon Corporation
    10. Daimler-Chrysler Corporation
    11. First Auto Workers
(Source: Detroit Free Press, 3/26/06)

What has the press said about Granholm’s lies about China?

  • “Granholm’s ‘DeVos-to-China’ charge undermines the ‘savvy internationalist’ image she aims to project” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

  • Nothing Alticor produces in Guangzhou under its Amway brand leaves China, meaning no jobs were “shipped” there” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

  • Only in the crude thinking common to political operatives -- you know, the kind you see on reruns of "West Wing" crassly conspiring to twist public opinion -- is a restructuring driven by the explosion of Internet sales in the United States and Alticor's need to capitalize on it tied to opportunistic investment in China” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

  • “This was a red herring when I looked at it 13 months ago, and it’s still a red herring” (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

  • “Only in a race to lead that nation’s sickest state economy does a bogus issue rife with xenophobia and misguided blame get air time. (Detroit News Columnist Daniel Howes, 9/8/06).

  • “Gov. Jennifer Granholm would be well advised to disavow this phony bit of Democratic demagoguery [regarding China] before it blows up in her face” (Detroit Free Press, 6/30/2006).

  • “Those who suggest that every Chinese worker Amway employed swiped the livelihood of some Michigan Amway worker don't have a clue how the 21st-Century world economy works (Detroit Free Press, 6/30/2006).

  • “Ignoring China would have cost Amway more domestic jobs than its decision to invest there has” (Detroit Free Press, 6/30/2006).

  • “Voters with a modicum of economic literacy -- including many moderates who voted for Granholm in 2002 -- will recognize the outsourcing claim as hokum” (Detroit Free Press, 6/30/2006).

  • “At bottom, the Democrats' outsourcing charge is an effort to exploit workers' fear of global competition. That's not just bad politics; it's a ticket to economic obsolescence” (Detroit Free Press, 6/30/2006).

  • “(Granholm and the Democrats) current accusation -- that as head of the family company, Alticor Inc., parent of Amway, DeVos "cut nearly 1,400 jobs from Michigan and created tens of thousands of jobs in China" -- isn't shaping up to be a very effective one” (Detroit News, 8/21/2005).

  • “Retooling Alticor so it can prosper in slow-growth Michigan and invest over the past decade in fast-growth China -- in total, a $220 million investment that Alticor says now contributes roughly $2 billion in revenue annually to its $6.2 billion business -- is far better for Michigan than it is bad” (Detroit News, 8/21/2005).

  • “Pallets in the Ada plant are stamped with "Made in U.S.A." Grab some packaging from a production line and beneath the product chatter in two, three or four languages you'll see "Made in U.S.A." Of the 57 countries where Alticor operates, 55 are supplied by plants in Michigan and farms in California” (Detroit News, 8/21/2005).

  • “Brewer's right: Michigan voters should decide if Alticor-in-China is a big deal. The facts point to one conclusion -- no, not really” (Detroit News, 8/21/2005).

  • “Democratic attacks on DeVos as a globalist gone wild, shipping jobs by the boatload to China, are filled with illogic and distortions” (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/2005).

  • “Granholm, in a fund-raising letter, warned that DeVos as governor would ‘outsource’ Michigan jobs. Apparently she thinks he's nuts enough to view the depletion of jobs in his own state as a worthy goal” (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/2005).

  • Alticor (Amway) did cut U.S. employment while it increased its presence and profits in China and Taiwan. But U.S. jobs weren't ‘shipped’ to China. To suggest that a U.S. company not seek growing foreign markets smacks of xenophobia (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/2005).

  • “Now Democrats are making the equally silly argument: Don't vote for Dick DeVos because he sold soap in China” (Lansing State Journal, 8/31/2005).

  • What Alticor is guilty of is - gasp - seeking new markets. That's the nature of a global economy. Granholm knows that as well as anyone, as she frequently cites Thomas Friedman's ‘The World is Flat’ book on the subject” (Lansing State Journal, 8/31/2005).

  • “(Alticor) makes the final product in China because the Chinese government requires it. The materials used to make the products are typically shipped from Michigan or California. In short: Michigan benefits from the company's success in China” (Lansing State Journal 8/31/2005).

  • “At a time when Michigan needs all the economic activity it can get -- where was the Supersized effort of state business and political leaders to cash in on China?” (Detroit Free Press, 3/26/2006).

  • “It ought to give the Dems the perfect campaign hammer to pound DeVos with before an electorate that is scared to death of globalization. Except for two things: (1) It isn't true; and (2) what the Democrats see as a negative --DeVos' international experience -- is in fact the expertise Michigan needs to transform its economy” (Detroit News, 4/2/2006).

  • Not a single Michigan job was lost because of that investment [in China]. Alticor's China factory serves only China and doesn't export products to the United States” (Detroit News, 4/2/2006).

  • Chinese business has created 300 jobs in Ada, Alticor's headquarters. Michigan workers support the China market with product research, engineering, technical, accounting and legal services, and they wouldn't be in Michigan if Alticor wasn't in China” (Detroit News, 4/2/2006).

  • “The Democrats' China paranoia is damaging to Michigan” (Detroit News, 4/2/2006).

  • “There's a lesson in the Alticor experience for Michigan companies and Michigan voters. Globalization shouldn't be dreaded, it should be exploited” (Detroit News, 4/2/2006).

  • Trashing China won't encourage foreign investment in Michigan or stem the slide in auto jobs” (Detroit News, 4/21/2006).

  • “DeVos's restructuring of Amway Corp. in 1998 and 2000 preceded the unrelated move into China by several years” (Detroit News, 4/21/2006).

  • “That Brewer & Co. keep pounding this non-issue suggests that the charge polls better than the facts and that it successfully diverts attention from Michigan's dismal economic record. The guv, usually a foreign investment evangelist, should know better” (Detroit News, 4/21/2006).

  • “But China bashing risks making Michigan -- and, by extension, its governor -- look like parochial xenophobes. How does any of that help?” (Detroit News, 4/21/2006).

Granholm: See this teddy bear, bought in the U.S. from Dick DeVos’ company. What’s on the tag? Made in China.

To use the governor’s own words in 2002 “this attack is another 3-D strategy…to distort, distract and divide.” As there was no merit to a similar claim made by Michigan Democrats earlier this month, there is no merit to this latest claim.

  • The ad provides absolutely no proof that the product mentioned was made in Amway’s facility in China. Using this logic: Governor Jennifer Granholm has taken the millions of dollars from the super-secret slush fund Partners for Progress and put it into an off-shore bank account so that she will be able to retire in Bermuda and evade U.S. taxes after Dick DeVos wins this election. Prove us wrong, governor.
  • Earlier this month Granholm told the same lie, as the Democratic Party produced facial tissues “made in China”. The problem: the tissues were made in 1989. Several years before there were any Amway investments in China and the tissues were not manufactured by Alticor.(Detroit News, 10/12/06)

Granholm: Why won’t Dick DeVos tell us the truth?

Dick DeVos is telling the truth, unfortunately Governor Granholm keeps distoring it. Why? Because the governor is hiding something, namely her despicable performance as the state’s CEO. The very idea that we’re discussing baseless lies instead of her “accomplishments” proves that point. Here’s a good look at the governor’s record:


  • Currently, the Michigan ranks 51st in employment growth, 49th in business tax climate, 49th in income growth. (Bureau of Labor Statistics; Tax Foundation; Forbes Magazine).

  • Since Jennifer Granholm has been governor, Michigan has lost nearly 100,000 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • Since Governor Granholm introduced her “Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow Plan”, Michigan has lost nearly 40,000 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • Michigan’s unemployment rate is 7.1%, this is among the nation’s 2nd highest and is 50% above the national average (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

K-12 Education:

  • As one of the first acts as governor, Granholm slashed K-12 funding by 3.8% (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 1/15/03).

  • According to annual “Smartest State” surveys from the Morgan Quinto Press, which measures and ranks K-12 education on 21 different factors, Michigan has dropped below seven other states since Jennifer Granholm became governor (

  • This year, average MEAP scores dropped in every subject except for social studies (Detroit Free Press, 7/15/06).

Higher Education:

  • During Governor Granholm’s tenure, funding for all 15 of Michigan’s public universities has been cut. (House Fiscal Agency, 2006)

  • Governor Granholm cut by $150 million. (Higher Education Budgets, 2003-2006).

  • During Granholm’s tenure, Michigan colleges and universities increased tuition by nearly 50%. Last year alone, tuition in Michigan increased 12%, the third highest increase in the United States. (College Board, Trends in College Pricing 2005, 11/18/05; Detroit Free Press, 7/27/06).

Public Safety:

  • There are presently 1,500 fewer police officers in Michigan than there were on September 11, 2001 (Detroit News, 10/16/06).

  • Of the 10 Major Cities in the United States, Detroit is the least prepared for a terrorist attack and/or major disaster scoring a 27 out of 100 (Readers Digest, July 2006).

  • From 2004-2005, violent crime in Michigan increased 12.3%. This represented the 2nd highest increase in the country and is 435% higher than the national increase (Crime in the United States Report 2005, FBI, 9/06).

  • Detroit and Flint rank respectively as the nation’s 2nd and 3rd most dangerous cities (Detroit Free Press, 10/30/06).

Health Care:

  • Michigan is one of the nation’s unhealthiest states ranking among the nation’s leaders in heart disease, obesity, diabetes and smoking (Detroit News, 2/27/04).

  • 53,000 fewer Michigan citizens have health care coverage than did when Granholm became Governor (US Census Bureau).

  • More than 10% of Michigan citizens do not have any form of health care coverage (Detroit News, 10/23/06).

This is the same exact Governor that went on Public Television almost a month ago on America Black Journal with Cliff Russell and looked this man in the eye and said:

"I had nothing to do with Scott Bowen losing his bid for Attorney General. I did not even ask him to run."

This is a bold face lie and everyone in the Michigan Democratic Party knows this.Granholm did not even call Scott Bowen to thank him for running, I'm sorry it did not work out, NOTHING. However, the same way she has sold her own friend up the river is the same way she has sold African Americans up the river in ANY urban community in Michigan by cutting revenue sharing in these cities that have an eroding tax base. She couldn't even get her other friend, Melvin Butch Hollowell, to become the first African American to run a major state party in the history of Michigan because it was blocked by Mark Brewer and the UAW.

The same UAW that Black people support in Detroit and pay union dues to they would not even support a Black man to become the head of a state party.

Detroit and Flint are ranked #2-3 respectively in violent crimes in the United States. These are African American cities and are controlled by Democrats.

And my immediate problem is those who are supporting the Governor in this race that are supposed to be "Black Grassroots" organizers. How come the Governor has a Michigan Economic Development Corporation office located in Shanghai, China but not one ANYWHERE on the Continent of Africa if she is so loyal to doing business with African people?

Again, where is her plan on the urban agenda? I have been asking this for seven weeks now with no response to this question.

Brothers and sisters do you remember this commerical about her mom? Look closer:

Granholm for Governor Ad

The Truth

Granholm:I was taught by one of the toughest economists the world has ever known, my mom.

While the governor has been in office Michigan has continued to bottom out while every other state in the country is moving forward.

  • Since Jennifer Granholm has been governor, Michigan has lost nearly 100,000 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Since Governor Granholm introduced her “Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow Plan”, Michigan has lost nearly 40,000 jobs (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • In 2005, Michigan was the only state in the United States that was not hit by a hurricane to report a net job loss (Escanaba Daily Press, 2/8/06).
  • Overall hiring of college graduates in the State of Michigan will decrease by 43%. The rest of the country will see a 6% increase. (Collegiate Employment Research Institute, 2005-2006 Recruiting Trends Survey)
  • Michigan’s unemployment rate is 7.1%, this is the nation’s highest and is 50% above the national average (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Michigan’s median income has dropped below the national average for the first time ever (Detroit News, 8/30/06).
  • In 2005 89,473 Michigan citizens filed for bankruptcy. This represented an all-time high in filings. (Detroit Free Press, 9/18/05; United States Bankruptcy Court)
  • From February 2004 to February 2006, the rate of home foreclosures in Michigan doubled to a rate that is 2 ½ times higher than the national average. (Muskegon Chronicle, 2/27/06)
  • Michigan’s foreclosure rate is now the 6th highest in the nation (Detroit News, 9/13/06).
  • Including Washington DC, Michigan ranks 51st in the nation in home values. (CNN Money, 12/1/05)
  • Detroit is the 2nd most impoverished city in the United States (Detroit Free Press, 8/30/2006).

Granholm: She never wasted a nickle, never just gave us money, we earned it. As governor, I've cut nearly $3 billion in waste, eliminated a $4 billion deficit and balanced the budget.

Despite claims by the Granholm about being a “fiscal hawk”, the facts show that Granholm has been a fiscal sparrow. During the governor’s tenure, Granholm’s own proposed budgets show a $4 billion increase in the state’s budget. There is still plenty of government waste that Granholm has not eliminated and EVERY governor of Michigan is constitutionally required to balance the state budget. This task is hardly unprecedented.

  • Governor Jennifer Granholm inherited a $1.7 billion deficit when she took office; this is not at all unlike the deficit Governor John Engler inherited from former Governor and Granholm supporter Jim Blanchard who left the state with at $1.4 billion deficit (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 7/22/02 and 2/6/03).
  • Governor Granholm’s first proposed budget in FY 2002-03: $37,899,439,900 (Michigan House Fiscal Agency).
  • Governor Granholm’s most recent$41,882,523,900 (Michigan House Fiscal Agency). proposed budget in FY 2006-07:
  • $41.9 Billion (06-07) - $37.9 (02-03) Billion = $4.1 BILLION BUDGET INCREASE!
  • Reports by the State Auditor General indicated that $140 million of waste was found in Michigan’s government, $55 million alone in Medicaid. (State of Michigan Auditor General Reports, 10/04-6/06).
  • “We are presenting a balanced budget as the constitution requires” (Granholm, Detroit News, 2/10/06).

Granholm: But here's what I won't do. I won't cut health care or schools, or make you pay more in taxes so that wealthy corporations can pay less.

Like most other promises Granholm has made, these were broken. Granholm was the first governor in over two decades to cut K-12 funding and has made cuts to higher education as well. All of this while proposing over $2 billion in tax increases.

  • As one of the first acts as governor, Granholm slashed K-12 funding by 3.8% (MIRS Capitol Capsule, 1/15/03).
  • During Governor Granholm’s tenure, funding for all 15 of Michigan’s public universities has been cut. (House Fiscal Agency, 2006)
  • Governor Granholm has cut Michigan universities by $150 million. (Higher Education Budgets, 2003-2006).
  • During Granholm’s tenure, Michigan colleges and universities increased tuition by nearly 50%. Last year alone, tuition in Michigan increased 12%, the third highest increase in the United States. (College Board, Trends in College Pricing 2005, 11/18/05; Detroit Free Press, 7/27/06).
  • Since being governor, Jennifer Granholm has increased fees and taxes on drivers licenses, vehicle registration renewals, business permits and cigarette and liquor sales (Executive Budgets, 2004-2007; Michigan Legislature Public Acts, 2003-2006).
  • Since Jennifer Granholm has been governor, she has VETOED 14 pieces of legislation that would have cut taxes for Michigan citizens and businesses (Michigan legislature, Public Act Tables, 2003-2006).

Granholm: “My mom taught me to make tough choices and to tell people exactly where I stand.

Governor Granholm’s problem has never been telling Michigan citizens where she stands. Granholm’s problem is lies with inability to follow through. Governor Granholm has a broken promise on every policy issue from sand mining to protecting our citizens. It is time to put someone in the governor’s office who will produce results and whose actions will speak louder than words.
  • Governor Granholm promised to reduce class sizes, but today, class sizes in Michigan are larger than when they where when Granholm took office (Blueprint for Michigan pg.4, 9/02; Taxpayer Network 50 State Comparisons, 2002 and 2005).
  • Governor Granholm promised that there would be no early releases for non-violent drug offenders. Since Granholm was been governor, over 400 non-violent drug offenders were released early (Grand Rapids Press, 10/8/98; Detroit News, 4/16/06).
  • Granholm promised to secure our cities against a terrorist attack. But our state’s largest city is the nation’s least prepared for such an event (Blueprint for Michigan, pg. 74, 9/02; Readers Digest, 7/06).
  • Granholm promised to eliminate the single business tax and replace it with “something else entirely”. Granholm then vetoed legislation to accelerate the tax’s elimination and has a plan to keepnd the tax in place (Detroit News, 7/24/02; MIRS Capitol Capsule, 3/31/06; 2 2006 Gubernatorial Debate, 10/10/06).
  • Granholm promised to pull Michigan out of its economic slide in a year in a half. That was nearly four years ago, and now every state and Washington D.C. have crated jobs in 2006 while Michigan has continued to lose jobs (Newsweek, 1/6/03; Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2006).

Black people MUST support change in this state right now. I will ask you this one question. What has Governor Jennifer Granholm done for African Americans across the State of Michigan? I will give you 24 hours before Tuesday to answer this question.

If there is no response from anyone then I know that we are voting for the hell of it. You might as well NOT vote.

This is what the Bible calls Armaggedon. We are in the last days and times of this election cycle. The End of Days as I call it. African Americans can finally get involved with the global market by investing in places like Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria and South Africa if we have a governor who supports what we are trying to accomplish. Economic prosperity.

African Americans can finally have a governor who shares the same traditional values as we do.

I would like for those who are reading this to take a look at this survey that was taken:

2004 Black Entertainment Television and CBS poll, 2003, April 2004, and November 2004 Gallup polls, 2001 L.A. Times poll, 2003 BAMPAC poll, 2001 & 2003 Gallup polls, September 2001 Zogby poll, 2001 ABC News/Beliefnet poll

69% prefer a larger government providing more services, 22% support limited government

Gay marriage: 64% oppose, 26% support, 10% don't know

Brothers and sisters, Dick DeVos is on OUR side on this issue. Jennifer Granholm supports same sex marriage. So why are you supporting a governor who cannot produce jobs but cannot support traditional marriages?

Abortion: 56% oppose abortion in most cases, 20% oppose in all cases

Again, Dick DeVos is on our side on this issue. Jennifer Granholm is supported by EMILY;s List (a pro-choice abortion group). Jennifer Granholm knows the following information as well:

AGAIN, why would you support Gov. Granholm when she supports YOUR OWN destruction? Where do we fit in terms of upholding our values when it comes to voting for a candidate that supports our values? Granholm does not support our values but DeVos does so why are we preparing to vote for Granholm?

Explaination please.

Affirmative action programs should be: 76% say continued for foreseeable future, 15% phased over next few years, 3% ended now. Self-identified conservatives: 27% say end now or phase out

48% blame child poverty on parents' individual failures

73% believe race relations have somewhat or greatly improved

78% say they prefer to live in racially mixed neighborhoods

2004 Black Entertainment Television/CBS poll, 2003 & 2004 Pew Research Center surveys, 2003 Harris Poll, 2004 Religion and Ethics Newsweekly survey

71% Protestant, 15% non-denominational Christian, 7% Catholic, 4% no religion, 2% Muslim, 1% other

Evangelical Christian rate: 62% say Bible is God's literal word

Religious service attendance: 41% attend every week, 22% a few times a year, 19% once or twice a month, 12% almost every week, 6% never

96% believe in God

76% believe in the devil

86% believe in heaven

77% believe in hell

88% believe in Jesus Christ's resurrection

79% say soul survives after death

78% believe in the Virgin birth

90% believe in miracles

29% believe in reincarnation

Islam is fastest-growing religion (40% of U.S. Muslims are black)

USA has special protection from God: 58% yes, 28% no, 14% don't know

USA's strength & success is based on religious faith: 69% yes, 28% no

Must believe in God to be moral: 69% yes, 25% no

Dick DeVos is closer to African Americans in this category than Jennifer Granholm. Again, you will go vote for her on Tuesday even though she does not believe in the same values as you do.

U.S. Census Bureau, 2002 JCPES survey

79% are high school graduates (vs. 14% in 1950)

17% are college graduates (vs. 2% in 1950). Women: 18%. Men: 16%

Top 5 states with largest % of black college grads: Vermont 35%, Montana 33%, New Hampshire 28%, Maine 23%, Idaho 22%

3% have post-college degrees

95% of black children ages 5 and 6 are enrolled in school (vs. 69% in 1954)

School vouchers: 57% support, 43% oppose

Best way for more black kids to receive a good education: 44% say change district boundaries, 40% more government money, 10% vouchers, 6% combo or other answer

81% believe too little money is spent on schools

School prayer: 79% support, 20% oppose, 1% don't know

Dick DeVos has repeatedly said that the urban transformation of Detroit and other urban centers around Michigan will center around improving the educational system. This includes educational choices for parents and children. Jennifer Granholm said children and parents should have educational choices WITHIN the traditional public school system.

In other words, as long as large government is controlling the schools and teacher unions are reaping the benefits you can have educational choice.

That is a crisis and YOU know it.

Again, for the hundreth time, where is Granholm's urban agenda?

Brothers and sisters, the time has come for us to make history. As an educator, I am dying to open up my own school one day soon and teach on a college level to train my students for eladership positions within the educational choice movement.

I strongly feel that Dick DeVos is a much better person to lead the State of Michigan than Jennifer Granholm. I can already see those brothers and sisters who attend the International Detroit Black Expo blowing up their businesses and expanding not just in China, Japan and Germany but in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa thanks to a DeVos Administration that is committed to re-working the tax code here in Michigan to create a more business friendly climate.

DeVos is committed to education and we both share the same educational passion for change than Granholm. Granholm is so uncommitted to the educational choice movement here in Michigan and is extremely unfriendly to brothers and sisters who embrace educational options. And I hate it when the NAACP wants to battle me on this issue because it is a well known fact they they receive millions from the NEA to keep their mouths shut on educational options for children.

I would like to see Michigan change for once. It's a shame that NO ONE in the Granholm Camp or Michigan Democrats have dialogued with young Black conservatives like myself for change in Michigan. In fact, there are so many of us leaving Michigan (party affiliation does not matter) because we cannot find a job or raise a family. The Democrats continue to take Black people for granted. And when I hear Black people saying the Republican Party in Michigan has taken us for granted I tell them that they are lying because 90% of us never voted for a Republican candidate, even if that candidate was more friendlier and more qualified to change the state's economy than the Democratic challenger.

Some have told me that they cannot vote for DeVos but cannot give me a clear cut reason. Some of the "independent" voters who I know are saying I don't like Granholm but I'm not voting DeVos. Therefore, they are voting Granholm and that's sad when this woman has a Gay and Lesbian agenda but no Urban Agenda. It is so disrespectful just like One United Michigan has made this Affirmative Action thing a Democratic thing when it should be non-partisan.

Our people are so lazy when it comes to reading infomation on a candidate. It has been disasterous to vote Traditional Democratic when our cities look like hell. It's time for African Americans to compete in a global market themselves and Dick DeVos as Governor will give us the opportunity to do this. Granholm is telling us NOT to work in a global market but work here in Michigan. This will be the death of us if we continue this trend of not competing globally. Have Black people thought about outsourcing jobs to Africa as comapred to Europe or Mexico? Granholm does not want us to compete globaly but keep us locked in a bottle and every 4 years we are supposed to vote Democratic with the same old union rhetoric that keeps us from advancing in a ever changing world.

November 7th is the race between education and catastrophe. Either we are going to vote for change or vote for the end of our lives. A Granholm vote means we love poverty, we love crime and we love failing public schools. A DeVos vote means a transformation process.

Follow the One Detroit lead and give Dick DeVos a chance to transform Michigan and give us the opportunity to build our communites up.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate you viewpoint on the education system and associated problems in the state of Michigan. I work for a non profit organization focusing on improving our educational system in Michigan. I am located in Midland Michigan, where most people would think we have it made from an economic standpoint. While we do have two Fortune 500 companies in our town, our education system as as broke as Detroit's (maybe even more broke since we can't make progress with our available resorces). Our kids, by the droves, do not find their way to good paying careers. Granholm's education policies are a slow moving hindrence. As a result, we have lost many business opportunities because new businesses (and existing businesses) decide to invest elsewhere, and not in Mid Michigan.
Given the lightening speed of change in today's world, we can not afford to continue with our current approach to education in Michigan.
Thanks for your insightful comments.

Bill, Midland Michigan