Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jack Needs To Get Back by Akindele Akinyemi

Dr. Jack Kervorkian is getting off after 8 years in prison for assisted suicide.

Well I'll be damned. Most brothers will rot in prison. Even the ones with mental illness.

I am against Jack Kervorkian getting out of prison this early. This man committed a crime that was barbaric.

Assisting someone to die because of their illness.

I can attest to people not having the will to live because of the chronic pain that have to deal with daily. Some want to die because they have fallen hard on their luck.

But assisting them to die is unnecessary. God gave us the will to live not die. It's enough assisted suicide in the hood when we shoot at cops, take drugs, alcohol abuse, mis-education or have unprotected sex that can lead to STDs or HIV/AIDS.

This is assisted suicide in its greatest form in the Black community. But when we get caught with assisted suicide (get caught selling cocaine, crack or weed) we have to serve our full term in prison, even if our health is deteriorating and HAVE good behavior.

We should rescind this decision to release Jack Kervorkian and allow him to die in prison just like the rest of the brothers and sisters who too have assisted those in suicide in our community.

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Anonymous said...

12 14 06

Akindele you are right. I totally agree that assisted suicide is playing God and that the sentencing for his crimes don't jibe with crimes that aren't as severe.

Warm Regards for a great Christmas and New Year.