Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Revolution Is Now For Black Conservatives by Akindele Akinyemi

As we are prepareed to take this sturggle on educational choice into our own hands we must remember how important it is for our Black Conservative leadership to step up to the plate and demonstrate educational leadership from among our own people. It is crucial that we build the necessary conservative machinery that will develop this leadership. The problem of past conservative leadership has always been a vexing one for Black people living in America. We must break with the old style of leadership forced upon us by the prevailing class standards or we will fail in our struggle. Nonetheless, conservative leadership is important, especially to Black people, and without it we will never triumph in our struggle.

The time is now for Young Black Conservatives who are intellectuals, professionals, and scholars become more active role in the educational leadership of the educational choice movement, not just bringing up the issue on educational choice when campaign season rolls along.

I have come to realize that many of our Black liberal leadership have failed our children in urban communities across Michigan. However, Black conservatives are not primarily addressing these particular issues on a greater level either and therefore, brothers and sisters who have a relatively high level of economic, political and academic awareness (political) as well as education are left in the middle.

These Black intellectuals who view themselves as conservatives must assume new positions of leadership in our struggle by helping to build the necessary revolutionary apparatus that will forge educational choices within the urban community.

Arming themsevles with conservative technology are these intellectuals who must become the new political leadership and work in creating a far reaching and effective apparatus. Our struggle for educational options is a revolutionary struggle, for it implies the transformation of the whole of urban society if it is to succeed, and Young Black Conservatives have a clear obligation to this process. We have seen how the traditional school system traps children in failing schools for profit. We have seen how the teacher unions in Michigan have successfully blocked educational options in urban communities.

The principled call for a regional Black Conservative network for education will never become a reality without such leadership of Black intellectuals with concrete and clear conservative strategies. Young Black Conservatives who are on the sidelines will never subordinate itself to such a front unless leadership of this caliber is evident. Conservative intellectuals must make a firm commitment to improving the quality of our struggle on all fronts, social, academically, economically, regional politics, etc. For us the creation of a Young Black Conservative network in this region are worthy tasks for our intellectuals to pursue in the conservative revolutionary process. There can be no struggle without sacrifice, and our Young Black Conservative leadership must begin to apply this principle to themselves as well as others.

Young Black Conservatives (from which most Black intellectuals, professionals, come) cannot by themselves lead the way, not because they are incapable of leadership but because their class nature is more reactionary than revolutionary. Furthermore, with the lack of knowledge of self this makes our journey more difficult to achieve educational options in Michigan. The tendency of having the lack of commitment to any conservative principles, are typical traits of young people not knowing what lies ahead for change.

However, I strongly feel that Young Black Conservatives in this region can supply the movement with some dynamic leadership as well as devoted brothers and sisters. Those truly progressive elements of the Black conservatives that can be won over to the side of the educational struggle should be focused on by the movement and principally dealt with. The failure of the educational choice movement to put the Black conservative principally against the wall is inexcusable. If the people are to understand the impotency of our bourgeoisie, its opportunism, and the role they are made to play in maintaining our collective oppression, the movement as a whole must create conditions that will lead to such an understanding.

Furthermore, I contend that if Young Black conservatives can become the basis for our struggle succeeding, and that each of the primary categories of the Black population will assume some leadership responsibilities in leading the struggle, the primary category of Young Black conservatives will constitute the dynamic revolutionary leadership of the movement will be the Black students in the school framework, and youth as well as those young Black adults who have acquired the basics of professional training. The crucial element in developing this dynamic potential is the training of this segment of young adults. Young Black Conservatives, whether they are students and young fledgling professionals must be politicized more, involved in the educational process and have a clear focus on the importance of educational options in our commmuntity. Over half of the Black population is under the age of 30, and we as a Black conservative network must realize their true potential. For, if we don't, liberals surely will, and intensify their social programs aimed at dehabilitating our young adults by keeping them trapped in a mindstate that is designed to kill them.

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Deb said...

Hi all, I am a white woman, married to a hispanic and I am so tired of this racist bs. I see it like this..we are all God's children, and heaven help us, let's find a better way! I love you all, and we should all have God's love enough to feel this way! Let's fight against the current admin...