Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Seize The Time Black Conservatives by Akindele Akinyemi

The Black communities of Michigan are the tragic results of class/ race subjugation, an oppressive situation created and exploited by the liberal/socialist movement of this corrupt state, and systematically perpetuated and reinforced through their various institutions. The wretched conditions that are inherent within these ghettos continue to exist not because there are no means of erasing them, but rather because they have proven profitable to the class that created them.

In order to maintain the present mis-arrangement, the social imbalances, the Black socialists who are in political control continues to use repressive tactics in various forms. The effects of this repression becomes clearly evident upon examination of the destructive sub-culture (the Black community) born out of local and regional politics.

It will take Young Black Conservatives utilizing conservative technology to overcome these obstacles and bringing about urban regional power to our communites.

The destructive nature of this Black socialist community manifests itself in the living reality of Black folks' attitudinal and philosophical outlook on life. We have faith in poverty and we believe in the welfare system. Anyone that is trying to limit welfare in Michigan is considered the devil. Anyone who stops the flow of bridge cards and WIC is Satan in the flesh.

The self preserving quality of family is almost totally absent in the Black community. In its place there is an unhealthy atmosphere of individuality which is detrimental and inconsistent with the needs of our people, for it is precisely this thinking that has kept us divided and un-organized for so long.

It would seem that Black liberals right here in Michigan would recognize the fact that by accepting and perpetuating the values of the class that oppresses us, that they are only aiding in their own genocide. They have all the physical evidence necessary to prove that the values that they now cherish so dearly are not complimentary to their best interests.

In our community we continuously come face to face with the reality of our situation. The dilapidated, fire hazard tenements; the Black mother with her un-fed child; the brother overdoses from the Democrats right to free enterprise; the sister that sells herself to an abominable pleasure seeking fool the unemployed/unskilled/miseducated remains of a once beautiful people.

Black people cannot afford to continue as we have for the past 30 years if we expect to ever be in the position to determine the quality of our own lives, and more important, the lives of our children. Already the influence of the negative images projected by some Black folks have filtered down to our offspring. In their attempts to emulate their elders, Black kids are beginning to take on the psychological posture of the street wise. We believe in values that are mere reflections of a potentially destructive sub-culture organized within the social order of a modern technological society. What we must understand is the institutional process that is constantly at work in our daily lives. Only with such an understanding can we begin to make the struggle for liberation a part of our peoples' everyday life, uniting the large objective struggle for liberation with our people's subjective struggle, and make them one continuous movement.

The weakening of the Black family, the socialization of exploitive male female relationships, the basic fabric that supports cultural genocide can all be found in the social role that failing educational systems play in a destructive subculture. Hardly a Black family, hardly a Black person is without at least one relative or friend cannot read or write, let alone comprehend information. Our social acceptance is in reality our cultural response to the effect of powerlessness as a people.

Young Black Conservatives must begin to determine our lives by creating community institutions of revolutionary measures outside the structure of socialist law. This means we must create a conservative network in our community to enforce our community interest, and create new values based on our people's social interest.

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