Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snead for DPS? by Akindele Akinyemi

There is talk about David Snead returning as Superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools to replace William Coleman.

Now I am fully aware that David Snead is a proponent of charter schools and that is all and good but this move sounds a little more political than educational. I know that Mayor Kilpatrick and Atty. Larry Patrick are backing him as well.

While I am not a fan of David Snead (remember the School-opera that used to come on TV between David Snead and Then DPS Board president Irma Clark-Coleman?) I do like the notion that he supports educational choice.

But is he the best choice to run the DPS school system again? I am not confident with people supporting Snead as Superintendent.

It must be a Cass Tech thing.

I am still pissed off at the fact that both he and his wife, Sharon McPhail, used taxpayers money to fund their wedding (are they still married?) while DPS schools had no toilet paper.

There were many students at Cass Tech that did not care for Snead's leadership.

If we must support a superintendent who is for educational choices we need to support a leader who is innovative and creative enough to transform charters and other options through conservative technology. We should be supporting an educational leader who would be willing to globalize the educational process through innovation.

IF I was actively seeking a superintendent (I like Chief Academic Officer better) I would want the CAO to deal with the following issues:

1. Develop a better quality education in DPS. Studies show how math and English tests for high school diplomas require only middle school knowledge, and that those math graduation tests measure only what students in other countries learn in the seventh grade?

2. To be better prepared to meet future economic challenges than all prior generations.

3. What about addressing the basics? Two-thirds of Detroit eighth graders read below grade level and the weakest ones are falling further behind. Students reading at a proficient or advanced level from private schools performed 57% better than public schools.

4. Will this CAO support the Detroit Federation of Teachers to prevent educational options in Detroit?

I am also concerned about bringing someone from the past to lead a school district. At this point, the Detroit Public School District will never get better unless we break the cap off charter schools and allow competition to flow into the City of Detroit.

To me, it does not matter who is running the Detroit school district. Nothing will ever change unless Young Black Conservatives, who are raising families and paying tax dollars, begin to utilize conservative technology in the school district by implementing educational empowernment zones and within those zones create educational economic precincts to create opportunities for those living within the community.


Anonymous said...

Helen Moore, who is apart of the Keep the Vote No Take Over has split from the Call Em Out Group over philosphical differences. The Militants are confusing to me! Can some one explain.

akindele akinyemi said...

They were never together to begin with. The Black Nationlaist community is a front group for socialism to keep us back.