Thursday, December 07, 2006

Time For A Change by Akindele Akinyemi

Young Black Conservatives must choose to build an educational choice movement, the urban educational front, not as an alternative to organizing masses of Black people, but because our movement as a whole must prepare strategic academic formations at each stage in its struggle. A failure to build these academic formations can be detrimental to what we are working for.

The strategic goal at this point in creating the apparatus of educational revolution is to weaken the liberal's monopoly on education , creating at the same time objective subjective conditions that are ripe for the formation of Urban Regional Power composed of many progressive educators and business leaders, and conservative religious groupings, and in this same process create the nucleus of young conservative precinct delegates which such a network would need in order to carry out our political agenda. These are the broad reasons for our devotion to educational choice. The fact that no such conservative regional power exists now in urban communities, in no way precludes the fact that the creation of one will become necessary in the future (as the contradictions of socialist society increase repression, racism and social deterioration).

Due to objective conditions, namely, liberal activity and the low degree of unity within the Black community, Young Black Conservatives must decided to build the apparatus separate and distinct from all other groups. This is a tactical necessity, but this tactical necessity does note contradict our strategic all for all groups in the Black Conservative movement to form an urban regional network, with the principle of fighting for educational choice as one of many forms of political policy.

When Young Black Conservatives are fighting for educational choice through revolutionary agenda becomes a process, and like all things, goes through stage of development, setbacks, and periods of dormancy, at one point uniting seemingly contradictory elements, and at another eliminating these elements. The principles of urban regional power through the designation of networks, principled alliances, are basic recognition of this dialectical process of social change. Alliances based on conservative consciousness, conservative technology and around our urban regional interests as a people is necessary for change.

The educational choice movement must be a principled and revolutionary movement, or it will be unable to lead our struggle for freedom forward to victory. Young Black Conservatives should consider tactical alliances that are in our own best interests, and that strengthen our struggles position as conservative technologists. Black Conservatives should refute all ideas that confuse change with unprincipled class collaboration.

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