Thursday, December 07, 2006

What is Conservative Technology? by Akindele Akinyemi

Young Black Conservatives today are beginning to understand what Dick DeVos meant by turning things around here in Michigan. We cannot continue to keep things the way they are.

In order for us to build Urban Regional Power in Southeastern Michigan Black Conservatives must begin to utilize Conservative Technology.

Conservative Technology is defined as the innovative approach to education through the use of spiritual, technological and academic disciplines.

We must be able to use Conservative Technology to win elections in heavily Democratic areas. The strategy is very simple. Black Conservatives should be pushing and fighting for more educational options in Michigan. We cannot no longer continue to talk about breaking the cap of charter schools unless we talk about developing specialized charters that target a specific profession or trade.

Charter evolution is not an easy process. In order for us to utilize Conservative Technology we must become creative in our approach to education. We must remember that the reason why DeVos lost was due to the lack of education for those who were voting.

Black Conservatives can utilize Conservative Technology in our quest for more educational options we can make our export of education services internationally competitive. Black Conservatives can become a player in the delivery of international e-learning services, and build the knowledge capital of Urban Regions across Southeastern Michigan and place it on a competitive footing with other regions in Michigan.

There has been a widespread receptiveness, energy and enthusiasm for Conservative Technology since its inception from the One Detroit Network within and across the sectors to progress education and training issues. Conservative technology provides the opportunity for Black Conservatives to be a catalyst for evolving educational choices to create regional power and the advent of educational empowerment zones.

Conservative Technology brings about the need for a new regional education and training e-learning framework to realize the full potential of Conservative Technology for conservatives, and the need for a urban regional business framework for e-learning to enable minority business to participate in the development and provision of new teaching and learning applications and associated services.

Only developing a urban regional network of educators and business leaders can ensure a regionally consistent approach to Conservative Technology. The leadership role is necessary to ensure we do not fall further behind as we have in crucial areas such as equal educational access which in turn has affected success in other areas such as overall academic readiness.

It is common to introduce people working in isolation in the same or related fields in the same centers and sometimes in the same institutions. There is great potential to not only benefit from the work of others on a one-on-one basis but also to generate a multiplier effect by promoting good practice, innovation and proactive sharing within organizations and make the best use of our collective knowledge base by building regional power through consolidation and creating a more effective approach to government.

Young Black Conservatives must network at facilities on a regular basis to have access to materials and to create a larger network to build a political base for the future. Unless this is done, the multiplier effect needed to make benefits now enjoyed by a minority, available to all students, teachers, and innovators may not occur.

This is why Conservative Technology is so important. Our investment should be seen as contributing to the knowledge base of the organization and should be treated as such in balance sheets for both recurrent and capital expenses. As we begin to utilize conservative technology urban communities and regions who through community strategic planning had aggregated demand, will begin to forged partnerships with those who are elevating change.

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