Tuesday, January 16, 2007

51,000 Strong Leaving DPS...Great by Akindele Akinyemi

According to the Detroit News 51,000 students have left Detroit Public Schools for charter schools or other schools in the suburbs.

This is great news. Again, I am happy to hear about the proposed 52 schools that are closing for Detroit Public Schools. This gives educational options proponets a chance to set up management companies to begin operations.

Detroit Public Schools, like I have always said, should be under Wayne RESA and not some elected school board where we will have more bureaucracy.

The reason why there are 51,000 students leaving the district is because families are leaving Detroit as well. Who the hell wants to stay in a crime ridden city where we cannot walk down our very own streets at night? Detroit is no different than Palestine, the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. Families have decided with the loss of jobs in the city that enough is enough. It is time to move out to the suburbs where it is safe, serene and productive.

Families are also tired of paying high taxes in a city where city services are poor. They do not mind paying higher taxes in the suburbs so trash can be picked up on time.

Families want to pay taxes for a school system that actually works. Detroit Public Schools do not work. Charters work. Private institutions work. Suburban public schools work. Home schooling work.

The bottom line is this. If State lawmakers in Lansing do not heed the call of educational choice proponets who want to break the cap off charter schools and cater to groups like MEA then perhaps we need to begin a silver rights movement based on educational options here in Michigan.


Anonymous said...

51,000 yeah right i don't believe that are those from the padded reform era books or is that from an actual count? anyone can manipulate statistics for their benefit ya dig.

Anonymous said...

51,000 comes from DPS stats not us.

Edspresso said...

I have a few questions for you. Can you e-mail me at rboots at allianceREMOVETHISforschoolchoice dot org?

Anonymous said...

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