Friday, January 19, 2007

Black Families Can Unite With Commitment by Akindele Akinyemi

I have spoken on many subjects in public on the importance of building Black families through marriage. Black Conservatives must begin to push for more measures in terms of keeping our families intact.

It is a criminal act for Black liberal leaders to stand in our community and talk about how the White man is holding us back or how the Republicans do nothing for Blacks when liberals have designed welfare programs to destroy black marriages and thereby inevitably enslave the black community. Think about it, how many Black leaders from your pulpit on average bring up the importance of REAL traditional marriages as it pertains to man and woman? Black leaders in the community will not say a thing about the deterioration of the black marriage, because they would place much of our down fall on us. They only stir the emotions of those who are uneducated and teach to a congregation where black people do not have to be responsible for their own actions.

Of course when we shed the light on subjects like this we are called a coopted puppet or Bootlickin' Uncle Tom. This is because Black liberals who call themselves grassroots are living a lifestyle that has nothing to do with being African.

We are practicing an unhealthy dose of ignorance, stupidity and immorality that stinks to high heaven. I consistently teach to our young Black men that our sisters are a reflection of our actions. If we are out here doing nothing to better ourselves as men then our sisters will take control and even though a woman cannot raise a boy to be a man they will have no other alternative.

We have some who feel that Black men should not just date one woman but many women. The reason? Black men have always had more than one woman dating back to biblical times. In Africa, Black men had more than one wife so this gives us here in America a valid reason to date outside of our committed relationships.

Only a Black liberal who hates himself would say such nonsense.

With the advent of HIV/AIDS and any other diseases going around we need to be grounded to rebuild our relationships with each other. God is first and honesty is second when building a serious relationship with your significant other. Communication is necessary as well as commitment.

Anyone making excuses about why the Black family is broken is a liar and the truth do not abode in them. If they are blaming the White man or the loss of affirmative action then we should peacefully ostracize that person from our community because that is nothing but a bunch of lies and deceit.

We can lead the way. We have the opportunity to bring our families together if we only step out on faith.

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