Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Building Black Families on Conservative Principles by Akindele Akinyemi

In 2007, Black Conservatives must take on a greater role in rebuilding our families. I say conservatives (regardless of party affiliation, in this case it does not matter) because we find that most conservatives understand biblical principles. We talk about rebuilding the family but how many of us actually practice what we preach?

The Black family has been the backbone of our community for centuries. In recent times it has declined due to external factors like drugs, miseducation and "free-thinking" minds wandering between someone's legs. Add financial burdens and lacking the commitment and discipline to be in a relationship without you having 2-3 partners on the side as insurance and we end up with a crisis.

Part of the educational choice movement that is now picking up steam in Michigan should be teaching our children civic responsibility and family building skills. We love to say it takes a village to raise a child but if the village is infected with HIV, no father at home and crack running through the veins of our children how can we be serious about village building?

Our responsibility in terms of building a strong family presence in our community must come from REAL education, churches teaching not screaming every Sunday, and helping couples understand the power of communication between each other. This will not come from the Democratic or Republican Parties, NAACP or any Black Nationalist movement.

Some of our Black Churches in our community has become a circus and have failed in teaching sound biblical principles to enhance the presence of our families. We are so desperate to teach politics from the pulpit that we forget to balance it out with prosperity. We are so busy trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents through prosperity teachings that we do not balance it out with family living or health. Black families must have a well balanced teaching in order to create healthy living for our children and elders.

The other thing that is never discussed openly is step-families. Brothers, if you have a woman that you love and she has two children you should man up and accept those children as your own. Teach them values that will help them become better citizens in society. Sisters, if you love a man you have been with for quite some time and he has children then strengthen him and his children by being the better woman. Build on conservative principles, biblical values, putting God first in the relationship and teaching our children that we settle differences by talking them out not shooting one another.

If we take this seriously beginning this year then we will revolutionize our communities.

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Free-Man said...

Coopted Puppet - I believe your title is misworded - a more accurate title should be "Building Black Families on Moral Principles"
There is a difference between Morality and political and economic conservatism - Political & Economic Conservatism is traditionally racist against Black Afrikans and sexist against Women.
It is Not a Politically Conservative Principle that Black Afrikans are Equal to White European-Americans.
It is not a Politically Conservative Principle that Women are Equal to men.
(P.S. How come your Blog does not allow posters to Capitalize letters in the identity section?)
See "" for progressive Black Afrikan political activity in Detroit, MI USA