Friday, January 12, 2007

Closing Schools is a Great Thing For DPS by Akindele Akinyemi

There is talk on the table about 52 schools that might be closing within the Detroit Public School District.

Of course you are going to have some parents very upset over the plan. Some have called for the recall of my good friend, Dr. Jimmy Womack, to resign from the school board.

I personally do not see anything wrong with closing 52 schools in Detroit. In fact I endorse the idea of 52 schools closing in Detroit. Most of these schools are structurally unsound and unsafe, violence is on the increase in DPS and most of these schools would have to close anyway because they have not met AYP standards to begin with. Most of the students are graduating from high school with 2nd-3rd grade skills. The parents are behaving like children themselves by asking for the ouster of Dr. Womack knowing that their schools need to close for the simple fact that the institution has failed their children academically.

The Detroit Federation of Teachers solution to the school crisis was to have a 16 day strike. The result? 19,000 students leaving the district. Along with 19,000 students leaving the district goes millions of state aid money out the window. But DFT wants a recall of Dr. Womack.

We should be recalling DFT.

This should be great news for educational option proponets. While Black grassroots activists call us Black Conservatives kissing the white man ass for supporting charter schools they cannot even come to a consensus on how to run the school district. They have no clue and the parents who were protesting were most likely parents who do not even have a 4-year degree from a university.

The 52 school closing fits perfectly in what I have been calling the designation of educational empowerment zones. If Redford High School is going to close then a Black owned and operated management company should be ready to purchase the building and re-open the school as Redford Academy. The same goes for Mackenzie and Chadsey High Schools.

The elementary schools that are closing would fit perfectly into our plan for specialized charter schools that focus on a particular industry or job in demand.

No one gives a damn about Detroit Public Schools so let the school system go to hell. No one wants to save it. It can no longer serve as a beacon of hope for Black children in the city. DPS has failed our children and instead of those parents crying about the school closing when we know they cannot even get up off their behinds for parent teacher conferences we should be looking into having Wayne RESA run the school board to regionalize it. Otherwise allow management companies to run the schools and use what's left of the Detroit Public Schools System for some light administrative work.

If the Skillman Foundation was smart it would be giving its money to charter schools that work and not give its money to a DPS system that has died from incompetence.

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