Monday, January 22, 2007

Detroit or Palestine: Which One Do You Live In? By Akindele Akinyemi

People are still leaving Palestine (Detroit) in record numbers. There are Keller-Williams signs everywhere. Century 21 is off the hook. Of course I do not blame people moving out, especially with the recent hike in homicides. What can you say with high crime, failing schools and an illiterate community that has no hope.

If you look at this picture of North Korea and South Korea you would see how in North Korea the lights are out. This is the same thing in Detroit. How many times have you driven down the street and the lights were out at a certain time down Linwood, Dexter, Schoolcraft or even Harper.
Is Detroit conserving on electricity like North Korea?
We would like for Detroit to "come back" to its pristine purity. However, in order for us to do that we need to look at some alternatives.
1. Get rid of the present school board and consolidate it with Wayne RESA. Diversity is always an issue for many. We need Whites, Blacks, Asians, Arabs Jewish and people of Hispanic descent to integrate the schools. Regionalizing these schools would mix up things and conserve on taxpayers dollars.
2. Building a regional transportation system. Consolidating both D-DOT and SMART into one entity would save millions of our dollars per year. We should include light rail as well as Speedlink.
3. Consolidating city government services with county government services. This is an excellent form of government and would save taxpayers millions of dollars in services.
4. Create a regional water department with a regional oversight instead of a local oversight. There are 126 communities in Southeastern Michigan. It is time that we expanded the board powers to those in the suburbs as well as the city. If that fails then we should look into privatizing the water department.
5. Privatizing EMS services in Detroit. I have never understood why the Detroit Fire Department is in this business.
6. Privatize DPW. This is dollars wasted in the City of Detroit. Have Waste Management pick up trash services.
7. Consolidating the Detroit Police Department with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department. We need more policing on the streets. Also, task forces are needed to crack down on crime and enforcing curfews on young people in certain areas after dark.
8. Detroit needs better, smarter and less government, not simply more of it. We’re not losing people and businesses because we feel undergoverned, and most of those who are leaving are not headed for places where they’ll get to keep even less of what they earn.
9. Incentives usually achieve better results than mandates. North Korea relies on mandates. South Korea uses incentives. Look at the satellite photo above taken of the two countries at night and tell me where the lights are on.
10. Detroit residents are their city government’s customers and bill-payers, not captives or guinea pigs. Ronald Reagan put it well when he said, "We are a nation that has a government, not the other way around."
11. Detroit is not an island. We compete with other cities around the world. We can’t pass laws and impose burdens as if we’re somehow insulated from those who pass better laws and impose fewer burdens. Only the intelligent Black people understand this concept.
12. Government has nothing to give anybody except what it first takes from somebody, and a government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got.
If Detroiters would embrace these conservative concepts our city would change. Other than that it will continue to look like Palestine.


Free-Man said...

Coopted Puppet - You support Colonialism for the Black Afrikan Majority - to suffer White European-American Supremacy - that is not Biblical "one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother." Deuteronomy 17:15

akindele akinyemi said...

whatever. Can you come harder than you colonialsim comments? YOu call me names yet, must be in agreement of what I am saying because you never criticize my comments.