Friday, January 12, 2007

From The Next Detroit to Next Michigan It's All BS by Akindele Akinyemi

First The Next Detroit by Mayor Kilpatrick. Now The Next Michigan by Jennifer Granholm. One "D" by economic leaders in the community (even though we started this network as One Detroit as far back as 2002).

Detroit Love...Remember that ghetto tagline that the Mayor was promoting when he was re-elected in 2005.

Who gives a damn.

I have been saying all along if you do not fix your education system first the only thing that will be next is a higher level of ignorance.

If we are wasting our time trying to save an inept public school system in Detroit then the next Detroit will never be next.

Unemployment is at 7.2% (if not higher) in Michigan. So what is Granholm talking about when she says Next Michigan? How many people you know cannot find a job to take care of their families?

I will be happy to explain to you what the Next Michigan will be that will include urban communities across Michigan.

Establishing Urban Regional Power is hard work. Black Conservatives (on both sides of the aisle) must take into consideration that the way things have been working have not changed anything.

Building a REAL NEXT MICHIGAN will include the following:

1. To meet the surging demand for rural housing, urban communities should depend on existing small towns and new residential subdivisions. This would give life to another alternative: moderately self-sufficient rural communities called "New Villas." The design of each New Villa would vary considerably, depending on environmental conditions at the site, housing preferences of the intended buyers and other factors. Theoretically, a New Villa could use any conventional or unconventional energy source that was locally abundant. Furthermore, these tiny new communities may offer an alternative to some of the thousands of new rural subdivisions that will otherwise be built.

2. Include more educational choices in urban communities. Breaking the cap off charters would be a huge push towards educational reform in our communities.

3. Regionalizing Detroit with Wayne County. I hear Black leadership in Detroit saying this is a bad idea but it is not. The same ones that say this is a bad idea are the some ones that do not have a clue about solving the economic problems in Detroit and Wayne County. Consolidation is the answer for the Next Detroit.

4. Promoting financial literacy. In Michigan's economy, the three principal means for household asset accumulation are through home ownership, small business ownership, and savings. As important as these are for the individual, they also represent distinct and important benefits to the broader economy and, therefore, play prominent roles in the operation of financial markets and the priorities of public policy.

The Next Detroit or NextMichigan will not come from the backs of liberals who want to increase your taxes and pork-barrel spending but innovation that will fuse a new entrepreneurial movement that will keep Michigan families afloat.

This movement will come from Black Conservatives who are openly prepared to make things happen in an urban regional base by utilizing conservative technology.

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