Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Islam Is Not A Religion Of Evil by Akindele Akinyemi

I often hear my Black Republican brothers and sisters speak out against Muslims living in America and embrace the Jewish people in Israel and abroad. Black Republicans feel that Islam is evil but when I read their commentary it is based on ignorance.

I have practiced Islam before and believe me it is far from being an evil religion as the media would have you to believe. It is a shame that the media has done a good job in scaring Black people into thinking Islam is evil when there is a large percentage of Black men who are Muslim.

First, Black people (especially Black Republicans) need to understand that Islam is no more evil than Judaism or Santaria. Islam is peaceful way of life. However, you have Islamic fundamentalists who kill innocent people in the name of Allah and that is not part of the Our'an.

But on the flip side, how come these same Black Republicans who embrace the Jews will not call out how Zionism have killed innocent people in places like the West Bank and the Gaza Strip against Arab women and children? What about in the political arena? AIPAC controls the Congressional Black Caucus and now have one of their favorite puppets as the chairwoman of the CBC (Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick).

Where are our Jewish friends on this situation on Darfur in Western Sudan? If there is such a Black and Jewish alliance then how come they are not helping Black people in Darfur? Is it because they are of a different faith?

The media in this country understands how religion (not spirituality) is one of the most serious mental illnesses of today. I called it a mental illness because we have removed ourselves from the Higher Power (God) and have replaced it with fear and disillusionment. Muslims worship the same God as Christians and Christians worship the same God as Jews. This is why I support the notion of non-denominational churches and interfaith services where all three monotheistic religions can come together for a common cause.

Some even spoke out against new Congressman Keith Ellison for placing his hand on the Qur'an instead of the Bible. Does it makes a difference? Black Republicans hated on this brother because he is not a Christian and perhaps this is the reason why we cannot elect our own Black Republican brothers and sisters to office. Perhaps we view things too narrow. Would we have hated on Keith Ellison if he was a Muslim and a Black Republican going to Congress?

The elements of Islam can be found in Christianity, Judaism and Egyptology. All religions have one root....God.

It sickens me to read about how one religion is evil (Islam) and the other is pure (Christianity) from our fellow Black Republicans. Perhaps some of us need to re-enroll in Religion 101 to receive a better perspective on different faiths and different paths of spirituality that are leading to one power.

That power is God.

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onetimememberofwof said...

You said that you are a Christian, this shows that you are not. You truly do not understand the truth of God. Islam has nothing to do with the God of the Bible other than that insane Muhammad coopting figures from the Bible in his attempt to lure converts from Christianity. Here O' Akindele The Lord Our God Is One. HIs name is not allah, which is the moon god of the arabs. Sir you must accept Jesus before it is too late.