Thursday, January 18, 2007

Real Black Conservatives Need To Return To Value Building by Akindele Akinyemi

Since Black Conservatives in Michigan are celebrating the death of Black Nationalism earlier this month in its old form I feel it is time that we begin to have a serious urban execution on this matter.

Today's Black Nationalism will come from Black Conservatives who possess conservative consciousness to uplift our people from poverty, injustice, mental slavery and mis-education through hard work.

First thing first. We all need to cleanse our spirituality this year. Re-dedicating ourselves to Jesus Christ and to our church homes would be a great start. Speaking of spiritual matters we need to bring forth those who might not be Christians and pray for them. A Black Republican can come in the form of a Muslim or Jew. We may have philosophical differences in terms of practicing our religion or spirituality but I know one two Black Conservatives that were right on point in the long run: Martin Luther King Jr. and Minister Malcolm X. One Christian, One Muslim Separate but not unequal.

Building strong Black families should be at the top of ANY Black Conservative wish list. Even if you are dating a woman with two children from a previous relationship it is our responsibility as men to take those children in and nurture them as if their are our own biological children. We should embrace marriage and brothers and sisters should be in the business of loving one another, practicing the same spirituality, agreeing on how the children are going to be raised and when there is a disagreement that both parties find solutions peacefully. Black Conservatives can reverse the divorce trend if we are faithful to God and each other. Black Conservatives should not be seeking their mates at bars, clubs, the streets, festivals or sip taste functions downtown. The chances of you finding your conservative mate at these functions are slim. In fact, you will find Black liberal males and females who lack the values you have.

Second thing is this constant division between Black Conservatives and the lack of energy of coming together. This is something Black liberals harp on consistently about how we are not together when we are together as one. I would like to see us move together on 2-3 issues that are affecting our community.

Black Conservatives must integrate into organizations like the NAACP. This dinosaur has ran out of gas a long time ago and cannot figure out the reason why young people do not want to join this civil rights organization. Perhaps if they would inject some conservative values into their organizational fabric then they would see how conservative young adults have become in the past 25 years.

Black Republicans must become more visible in State and National Conventions We need to see fresh young faces on the scene providing the party with a new direction of opportunity for those who are seeking direction.

Black Conservatives should already be leading the fight for providing more educational options for children and families in our community. With the celebration of schools closing in Detroit Public Schools this would be a great time to latch on to PACs like One Choice to fight to break the cap off charter schools.

We love America and any Black person who does not love this great country is living in total denial. But just because we love America does not mean we have to act like someone we are not. We should embrace Africa as well and if you are ignorant of your history and culture from an African perspective then you read up on your history or hook up with a brother or sister who knows the truth.

Be yourself, roll with the punches and bond with your fellow conservative brother and sister regardless of race and color. If you are Black and study our people's history then go to the Museum of African American History. Take the time to study other people's cultures to break down that wall of ignorance. Stay away from radical Black socialists who beg for the crumbs that fall from the table and is always blaming the white man for the downfall of Black people. Those people are trying to keep you down.

Black Conservatives should be talking about building a brand new conservative movement. Urban Regional Power should be our fuel and conservative technology should be our weapon to transform lives. Places like Inkster, River Rouge and Ecorse need Black Conservatives to come in and enhance the lives of our people. Controlling the school boards and city councils in these urban districts would help build more conservative power.

When we vote for our next round of State Representatives in 2008 we should only be supporting Black Conservative candidates only (regardless of party affiliation). If they have been part of any liberal political machine in this area then cross them out. If they want to save DPS and cannot give you a serious reason of saving DPS then axe them out. If they contradict your personal values then why are you voting for them?

I hope to see my Black Conservative colleagues at the Michigan State Republican Convention in Grand Rapids on February 9-10, 2007 and at the Michigan State Democratic Convention on February 24, 2007 in Detroit. We need to work together to bring about change.

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