Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Redeveloping Black Conservative Thinking by Akindele Akinyemi

One of the biggest challenges African people face in America is to rejuvenate Black Conservative thinking as we struggle to determine for ourselves as a people what is in our best collective interests.
There are far too many African people in this country who think what is good for other people should be good for us. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can only determine what is good for us by reestablishing Black Conservative thinking and developing a Black Conservative program of action. This is the missing link to the advancement of our people in America.
Black Conservative thought is a tradition that emerged in the early 19th-20th century among those Black leaders who understood the need for our people in America to develop a national entity as the only solution for Black people in America, Latin America or the Caribbean.
During this era there were some Black Conservative leaders before, and after the Civil War, who led movements for people of African ancestry to leave this country and establish a homeland somewhere else. These proposals included Africa, Canada and the Caribbean. Other Black Conservative leaders led movements for Black people to control the towns where they lived and others who led movements to the western region of this country to establish all black towns in Kansas and Oklahoma.
The core of real Black Conservative tradition has been to elevate ourselves from the mental shackles of slavery by defeating and overthrowing a system of oppression by liberals who uses victimology as a major tool of control, utilize God as our vehicle of spirituality, understand the importance of education and to achieve self determination for the oppressed Black masses.
The Black Conservative tradition has always been opposed to victimology, monotheistic thinking and accommodation as a solution to the problems of people of African ancestry in America. In this regard, Black Conservative tradition has rejected the strategy and tactics of appealing to the morality of liberal Black people and their socialist system.
Black Conservatism have been historically clear that people in power don't teach powerless people how to get power. And they certainly don't give power away, even though, when challenged, they may give up some concessions.
The Black Conservatist tradition was continued in the 20th century through the Nation of Islam and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who utilized many of the Garvey and UNIA/ACL organizing tactics and strategies.
Finally, the current Black Conservative movement, today, is spearheaded through the Educational Choice Movement.. The mass acceptance of charter schools, vouchers, Buy Black Campaigns, privatizing social security, practicing a free market and Controlling Our Own Communities Campaigns are all part of the on-going Black Conservative tradition.

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