Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Urban Execution: Conservative Consciousness by Akindele Akinyemi

In Black Conservatives quest for urban regional power through conservative technology we are encouraging people (in particular the youth) to begin to start living as conscious conservatives. The youth in particular are important because we have a very large quantity of youth who are living with their parents and are taught to be dependent on a system that has failed them in their community. While many young people desire a certain amount of independence (their parents also desire it for them) but they do not have an income that allows them to live alone the Black Socialists in our community are encouraging young people to dispel the idea that it is only acceptable if you can "make it on your own".

This is nonsense.

The reality of the situation is that communalism can only go so far in terms of its practice in the Black community. I hear Black organizations wanting to practice communalism because they feel that Blacks have a hard time making it on their own out here in society. If we lack basic knowledge on survival and education then I would say it would be hard to live out here on you own.

But communalism is not the answer 100% in 2007. The reason? Black people do not have the discipline and resources to help one another because of distrust. Teaching conscious conservatism to our youth is important because while you are learning about yourself as an individual from a spiritual and conscious state of mind you are also learning to help one another in a time of need.

According to Black Socialists Western societies individualism is taught as the superior method of living. People are educated to think that the only way that you are successful is when you are living on your own from your individual effort. Black Nationalists in our community use Africa as an example of communalism. Even though many of them have never stepped foot on African soil let alone have any genetic ties to Africa they want to be the experts on how Africans are living abroad.

True Black Conservatives who are practicing conservative consciousness already understand that the family is more important than the individual, the community is more important than the family, the nation is more important than the community, and all of humanity is more important than a nation. Black Conservatives who are utilizing conservative technology for the advancement of their community already know that in order to build a movement from the ground up the principal of collectivism has to dominate over individualism. Black Conservatives know that in order to build urban regional power everyone must work (produce). There cannot be any idlers who are reaping the benefits from the people who are producing. Everyone should be required to be in an organization (that places God first) that is working for the people. If people only come to live in collective housing solely out of personal gain, this allows individualism to dominate and it becomes a magnet for exploiters.

It is also important to have a political education based on conservative consciousness and not liberal technology as an integral part of the process. This ensures growth of the collective and everyone involved. Black Conservatives are also encouraging health circles, with health circles we can:

1. Make sure everyone in the community is eating healthy. Cut down on fast food and fast lifestyles.

2. Take responsibility for teaching people how to be fed instead of feeding the people and making them dependent on someone.

3. Release sisters from the burden of having to cook every day for their family.

4. Make the organization of feeding the people much more efficient than the present situation

5. Start getting into the habit of conservatively financing and organizing for our basic needs and breaking the cycle of dependence from big government.

6. Create an atmosphere that is conducive to building people's movements for the purpose of liberating the people by utilizing conservative consciousness.

We should stress the importance of conservative childcare to teach Christian principles so that women are able to get good and safe care for their children 24 hours a day. This is important if we truly want the village to raise our children. By utilizing conservative consciousness we can begin to create jobs for our youth, especially our female youth. It will give the children more of a sense of what it means to serve the people. It would be a compliment to conservative consciousness.

True Black Conservatives must become creative and must look at what we have already organized within our communities. We can organize conservative methods so that they can be a permanent part of our communities. For instance we already have churches that for one or two days a week feed the homeless. We can organize 4 churches in a community who are already in the habit of feeding people, open it up to all of the people and not just the homeless and we can have a collective kitchen that is feeding the people every day. Again, this will eventually lead to teaching those people how to feed themselves instead of being dependent on a larger system.

The only things that are necessary are confidence and organization. Once Black Conservatives start the organizing then the collective genius of the people will make it permanent. Conservatives then must figure out every aspect that is needed to exist and develop in order for us to move forward in this manner.

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