Friday, January 26, 2007

We Need Prayer In Public Schools By Akindele Akinyemi

Everyday when I am helping students in the classroom I often ask them if they need Jesus Christ in their life. Most of them will say no. In fact, many young teens who I educate either do not have a personal relationship with Christ or do not believe in God. They believe in making money, getting high or having illicit sex with stray women who are dirty to begin with.

This is why I support the notion of having prayer in public schools.

Currently, Madeline Murray O'Hare, an atheist, successfully managed to eliminate the use of Bible reading from public schools a few years ago. Now her organization has been granted a federal hearing on the same subject by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Washington, DC.

Their petition, Number 2493, would ultimately pave the way to stop the reading of the gospel, our Lord and Savior, on the airwaves of America.

They got 287,000 signatures to back their stand. If this attempt is successful, all Sunday worship services being broadcast on the radio or by television will be stopped. This group is also campaigning to remove all Christmas programs and Christmas carols from public schools!

Is this what we want?

What most liberals (Black or other) do not understand is that the first step of education in the classroom is having students tap into their spiritual side to maintain the balance from within. Why do most of our students have Attention Deficit Disorder? Bi-Polar Syndrome? Oppositional Defiant Disorder? Why do most of our students have never been taught values? Why are parents irresponsible when it comes to parent raising?

Try the lack of spiritual values from a biblical perspective.

Now think about this. Our children are exposed to every curse word on TV. We hear our young sisters in the hallways in school calling each other bitches and tricks as well as hearing our brothers calling each other niggers or niggas and we see our young children (3rd-8th graders) smoking blunts and drinking 40s. We see young adults getting down in the bathrooms of the church. Our children are exposed to pornography on Showtime at night, sex on billboards and radio, criminal activity in the public schools, playing craps, sex on the stairways in the public schools, weed, heroin, crack, black on black racism, getting high on Robitussin, gangs, and negative news reports daily. We let our children watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Our children are practicing gay and lesbian relationships in the classrooms. They kiss and fondle each other in the classroom while the teacher is conducting a lesson. Some even have gay and lesbian gangs in public schools and rape heterosexuals daily. Of course this goes unreported on a regular basis.

Yet, progressive Democrats, liberals and socialists as well as civil rights organizations like the NAACP are staying silent on this issue. I wonder why? They are too busy crying about insurance redlining and affirmative action.

It is interesting that Democrats cry about President Bush but this is the same president that wants us to have prayer in the schools. Ask yourself, who side are you on?


Afrknsci said...

Simply put secular institutions like the public schools should NOT be a forum for religion.It is best to have prayer kept as a private ritual, not a public ceremony!

lrey said...

If children don't pray at home praying in school will be pointless. Then there is the problem of what kind of religious practices should be allowed in school. Should muslim children be accorded the right to take time out during the school day to exercise part of the five times a days daily prayer required in their religion? Should a room be set aside together with prayer clothes and even a compass so they know the direction to Mecca? Will Hindu ceremomies be allowed? What about Wicca? Should Catholic children have incense and candles?
If children can be taught to behave like Jesus it shows children can be taught to behave. The problem is not the lack of prayer in school, it is the lack of parent in children.

Anonymous said...

Some kids do pray at home so, they would love to have prayer time in school. Some kids even enjoy church, like I do.

Anonymous said...

Some kids do pray at home so, they would love to have prayer time in school. Some kids even enjoy church, like I do.