Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blacks Can Send Their Children Anywhere To School by Akindele Akinyemi

From Detroit
Kilpatricks visit Catholic School

The debate over the Detroit Public School system rages on over who should lead it and should Mayor Kilpatrick have any in put. Last week Mayor Kilpatrick and his wife visited a Grosse Pointe Park Catholic School. It has been reported before that Mayor Kilpatrick's children do not attend Detroit Public Schools. So we ask you should the Mayor of Detroit control a district that his children are not a part of?
It should be noted that this picture is published on the website of the St.Clare of Montefalco Catholic School (of course it'll be gone by Monday morning). We're told the waiting list is quite long, at the same time, the Detroit Public School system is losing students to suburban schools by the thousands and could use the financial assistance.
Now, I might not agree with Mayor Kilpatrick on many things but there is one thing we damn sure agree on.
Sending our children to educational institutions that will compete in a 21st century global market.
Of course, when I read ignorance like this from my stomach turns. The grassroots community feel that we should send our children to failing public schools and keep us trapped in complete darkness.
Let me say for the record that we are professionals and that it is completely ridiculous for us to send our children to failing public schools. For anyone to criticize the Mayor, the bus driver or even a Detroit School Board member who opts out of DPS and send their children to private or charter schools is outright stupid.
Forget trying to keep the school system Black. We need diversity in our schools and parent networks that are really concerned about our schools. Not some teacher unions and disgruntled parents who cannot get their way.
Black people have the right to send their children to any school district, any charter or private institution they well choose. It's insane for the Mayor to send his children to failing schools. This man (ans his wife) are PARENTS FIRST. They have a responsibility and that responsibility is family first.
And for the ignorant, Black grassroots organizers to try to target Dr. Carla Scott, Tyrone Winfrey and Joyce Hayes-Giles for supporting educational options (even though these same Black grassroots people support schools like Nsoroma Institute, Timbuktu Academy and Aisha Shule/WEB DuBois Prep, and Sankofa Shule in Lansing, MI) is not just a double standard but hypocritical on their part. Therefore, we should not listen to them at all due to the lack of understanding they have in the field of education.
The Black Grassroots are out of step of what we need to preapre our children in the 21st century. This is why we need urban regional power to overcome those negative attacks against us. Black Conservatives are pushing for more educational choice ever before as we advance academically and professionally. Thus, we want to push for regionalization of schools under this urban regional power base so that we can choose to send our children to schools where they will be serviced the best.
Black Nationalism died in 2007. So why are you still listening to them?

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