Thursday, February 01, 2007

Conscious Conservative Sisters: It's Your Time by Akindele Akinyemi

Back in 1995 I wrote an article entitled "Message to the Nubian Woman." It was aimed at the stopping the denigrated behavior of our sisters. Today, I am sending a message to our sisters once again as we prepare to build urban regional power through conservative technology. A technology that will carry us to victory politically and educationally.
As we are restructuring our urban conservative movement in urban communities across Michigan it is very vital that our sisters play an critical role of redevelopment. It does not matter what party or church you belong to if you are following conservative values then this is your beckoning call to service.
Our sisters must realize that we will never begin to transform the community unless they participate on every level and every aspect of building conservative regional power. Our women, today in 2007, recognize the sense of urgency for more conservative values in our community.
While our brothers are in jail, dying from violence or sleeping with God knows what we, as Black men, have forgotten that our sisters on a daily basis come face to face daily with the racist institutions that continues to try to hold our families back. While brothers have left their responsibilities in caring for their women and children it is our sisters on a daily basis that bear the responsibility of raising the children on a daily basis. Most of the times it is our sisters who have to deal with failing public schools (in Detroit) that are sending our children to academic genocide.
As we begin to achieve more conservative values in our community and begin to motivate those sisters in our corner who are dealing with the effects of racism, sexism and other isms we must begin to realize that our young, intelligent sisters are needed more than ever.
Under this liberal socio-political machine young Black boys and girls have come home angry and frustrated and seen them grow more bitter, more disillusioned with the passing of each day. The reason? No jobs here in Michigan. No opportunity in Michigan. No hope in urban communities. Let alone in Detroit. Our sisters have always carried the torch spiritually in our community.
Our women have seen the sick, trapped look on the faces of our children when they come to fully realize what it means to be Black in a failing public school district like Detroit. How many times have our women ran out of bus fare, rent money, food? How many times have our children gone to school in hand-me-down clothes, with holes in their shoes? We know what a hell-hole Detroit, Benton Harbor and Flint is right now (and maybe forever). Single moms in the hood are afraid to let our children go out and play because of the war that is going on in our community.
Perhaps we need to begin to run more conscious conservative sisters for office. To help change the political landscape and balance out the negative.
Our sisters are afraid to walk the streets at night (or even in the daytime) on Linwood, Mack, Dexter, Harper, Schoolcraft or Joy Road. Our women have seen our children and their bodies destroyed from drugs, scarred and deformed by bullet holes and domestic abuse.
Sisters know what oppression and depression is up close and personal. Thanks to a liberal socio-political machine in Michigan that supports a welfare state and welfare mentality our women have been abused in every way imaginable. Today, even as I write this article we have sisters who have been abused economically, socially and politically.
Brothers have abused our women physically and sexually. Yet, Black men cannot figure out why our women act the way they do. It is because our women are a reflection of us.
I would like to remind our sisters that they come from a long history of prosperity. Black women were strong and courageous warriors long before you came to this country in chains. Through slavery and decadence in this country, our sisters have been on the front lines since day one. Harriet Tubman led the underground railroad. And sisters like Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hammer, Condoleeza Rice and YOUR OWN MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER have carried it on.
Brothers, we need to get it right. Our sisters have been the backbone of our communities, and I am declaring in 2007 that they are the backbone of building socio-economic and political base by the utilization of conservative values. Males and females, together, must build strong family units, based on God, love and determination.

A Conservative, Strong, Conscious and Revolutionary Sister Cannot Have or Deal with a Docile and Weak Brother.
Ladies, her me out. If your man, boyfriend, husband, sleeping partner, etc. is not about uplifting his mind, liberating himself from the vices that continue to hold him down, shows no self-determination or building a strong Black family with you walking with him side by side then you should probably drop him by the wayside.
For over 400 years Black women understood the art of determination. Our women know how to keep moving and finagle to survive. Sisters understand what it means to fight tooth and nail to get what they want. Conscious conservative sisters understand this method for that it will bring urban regional power from a spiritual foundation. Conscious conservative Black women know the true meaning of love. It is those same conscious conservative sisters that love their men and families unconditionally when they have a full understanding and perspective of what God's plan is for the family.
In building a more sophisticated conservative union I encourage every conscious conservative sister to celebrate Black womanhood. Love your bodies and love yourselves. It does not matter if you are slim, tall, full figured, dark skinned, light skinned , honey brown or have a big round ass love yourself for who you are. If a man cannot accept you for who you are then that is not your man. You never should fall for he imagery that has kept you psychologically oppressed. A zero figure is no figure at all. False eyelashes, false boobs and nose jobs are all BS. Ladies, as we are building conscious conservative power in our community go out and re-define for yourselves what conservative sisterhood is.
A Conservative Black woman who is conscious of self have a walk like no other, dress like no other, and talk like no other. She is a woman who is devoted to her God, her family and her husband/man. She is educated and have a command of the King's English. Her hair, nails, and her toes are whipped and done. Breath is always smelling like cinnamon. She will carry on a conversation on another level like no other. Her understanding of health and being responsible fiscally will keep her family on track.
We can no longer accept what liberals have set a standard of fashion and living for or sisters in the community. Sisters need to create our own conscious conservative way of living. Our conservative conscious sisters must create their own way of living our own conservative culture, taking the best of yesterday, mixing it with today so we can have a future for our families tomorrow.

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