Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Fall of Detroit: 1781-2007 by Akindele Akinyemi

If you want proof that Detroit is headed towards civil war then I suggest you look at this below:

Venga a Michigan: State of Michigan Urges Illegal Aliens to Come on Over

Governors, like California's Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won't get tough on illegal aliens are bad enough.

But then there are governors like Michigan's Jennifer Granholm a/k/a "The Governatrix Gran-HO" (along with Schwarzenegger, she's the nation's other Dating Game contestant governor).

No lie.

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm
& Hamas Imam Hassan Qazwini
State officials are trying to lure more migrant farm workers to Michigan to avoid labor shortages, which they say hurt the last harvest by the state's agriculture industry. To address the "problem," the State of Michigan is spending tax money on a marketing pitch: "Venga a Michigan" (Spanish for "Come to Michigan").

And State of Michigan officials visited Texas, last week, to invite unemployed Hispanic illegal aliens there to come here to Michigan to find work.

And by the way, the State of Michigan consulted with illegal alien interest groups on how to best market Michigan's state-funded "social services":
The goal was "to promote Michigan agriculture and the various services available," Rick Olivarez, a state monitor advocate, said during a meeting this week of the Michigan Interagency Migrant Services Committee.

At the same time, The Governatrix Gran-HO is proposing a 2% service tax to pay for state services. Since we don't pay enough to pay for illegal aliens using these services, she's spending our money to invite more.

Strangely, none of this was in the two major Detroit papers. I had to read about it in a tiny, micro-print blurb on the back pages of USA Today.
Thanks to the Granholm lie machine to fool Blacks into voting for her again she is now opening the doors for every organized and unorganized terrorist and illegal alien to enter the Black community. The massive arms race has already begun and while local Democrats do not have a damn clue of what is going on under their noses Detroit Police are prepared to begin wearing full body armor as if we are living in Palestine.
Hell, this is Palestine.
There is so much chaos in this city that we are on the financial brink of collapse. Detroit is on the brink of being taken over by the State. This city will become a ward of the state as if Detroit is in foster care or under FIA supervision. The Detroit school system should be sold to Waste Management because the DPS system is a waste. There are gay and lesbian gangs running the show in DPS raping brothers and sisters at free will.
Some in city government have been talking about enforcing martial law up here in Detroit the crime rate is so horrific. The death toll is rising daily. Drug overlords and warlords of different drug sects are running the show here in the city.
And what kills me is that we have liberals who read this blog daily and try to minimize the damage in Detroit.
The crisis is going to escalate as we head towards the summer months. Most churches have been bought off by the Democratic Party to minimize the destruction that is going on in Detroit. The Council of Baptist Pastors have been bought off by the Democratic Party. There are cameras on every corner in Oakland County due to insurgents making their way out there. And with Granholm preparing to release 5500 criminals from the prison system (1700 insurgents being released in July) there is a mass exodus from the city. We do not need an exit strategy.
Our strategy is to GET OUT. Leave this God Forsaken city to the Godless liberals who want to turn it into Sodom and Gomorrah. This city has collapsed and there is nothing we can do about it.
People are packing their bags and getting the hell out of here. It's so dangerous here that some are even leaving their homes FURNINSHED!!!! Families are packing their clothes and heading south.
Think about it:
5500 criminals are going to be released from prison.
Detroit has a 8% unemployment rate.
47% of Detroit are functionally illiterate.
60% of high school students in Detroit graduate on time.
30% are dropouts from Detroit Public Schools. Most join in the insurgency in the war torn regions of Detroit.
40% of the Black men are unemployed.
The Arabs are stockpiling weapons in their party stores. There is even a freeze on opening gas stations in Detroit.
The Arabs control the party stores and gas stations. The Indians control the parking lots. The Jews control the banking. The Asians control the wig shops and restaurants. What do Black people control? Nothing. But Detroit is 80% Black but we have no control of the economics in the city.
Criminals are running the streets.
Lawlessness have settled in Detroit.
Home invasions are happening in the most affluent places in Detroit.
Door-to-door warfare is occurring in almost every neighborhood in Detroit.
Poverty is at its highest in Detroit in half a century.
Rape is at all time high in high insurgent territory in Detroit.
Detroit leads the nation in foreclosures.
Churches are being bought off by the Democratic Party.
Detroit is the most violent city in America behind St. Louis.
Detroit is ranked #100 (out of 100) in terms of finding a job.
Detroit produces more baby mamas than any other city in America.
Detroit has the highest rate of STDs in America.
Detroit has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in high schools in America.
If E.T. has a phone we all need to use it now.
After 356 years of being an independent city Detroit has fallen to insurgents.
The Fall of Detroit is happening right before us. Please leave while you can.

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