Thursday, February 22, 2007

Governor lied: Promised NOT to raise taxes JUST LAST FALL! by Nick

From Right Michigan

Late last week Right Michigan posted a transcript from the third televised debate between Governor Granholm and Grand Rapids businessman and philanthropist Dick DeVos. During the debate, the governor was asked if she would consider raising the sales tax or taxing services.

Her answer? "No."

Well, we can do better than a transcript now... click the image below to view the video itself!

One quick note, last week I mistakenly credited Chuck Stokes with asking the question. It was actually Stephen Clark. My bad. Sorry about that. But hey, at least I can admit my mistakes... anyone think the governor will do the same?


If you can't watch the video on your computer, read the transcript below...

Clark: Governor, you and your opponent continue to debate the relative merits and evils of the single business tax. The... the truth of the matter is that it's gone. And you do seem to agree, both of you, on the need to replace at least a portion of that money. Keeping in mind that at 6%, Michigan sales tax is among the lowest in the region, would you consider raising it to 7 or 8& or consider a tax on services?

Granholm: No, I would not.

Can any Democrat who is receiveng this message expain why YOUR Governor would lie about this?

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