Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Message To The Young Dems in Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

Recently, I saw a report on the top 100 cities to find a job. The first city was Raleigh, North Carolina followed by Phoenix, Arizona. Where was Detroit, MI?

Number 100.

It does not surprise me how liberal policies have decimated Michigan and has made Detroit a war-torn city. I can clearly see why this place is Palestine. The east side of Detroit is the West Bank while the West side is the Gaza Strip. With Detroit ranking #2 in crime in America and #100 in finding a job the recipe for anarchy are in place.

Detroit is not even one of the top 10 Urban Cities where families would want to move here and live. No one wants to live here. Including myself.

However, we have some Young Dems who are upcoming leaders in the political arena here in Detroit who are going to repeat and make the same mistakes as their predecessors. Some have a desire to run for office while others have a desire to build the city economically. While I personally think trying to rescue Detroit is a waste of time and effort I feel that these young movers and shakers do have the talent to make things happen here in the city.

Our young movers and shakers who are political must begin to understand this. Your Michigan Democratic Party here will never allow you to move up in leadership the way you seem fit. Most of those old heads will have to die first before you can even get your foot in the door.

You cannot regurgitate the same ideas like the old heads before you. Oftentimes, I hear my young Democratic colleagues when they run for office bring up the same ideas as the old heads. Ideas like lowering insurance and creating jobs for Detroiters.


This is not creativity and innovation. This is making old people feel good. If you want to create jobs or really do something worthwhile then begin building urban regional networks. Embrace regionalization and stop promoting separation between Detroit and the suburbs. We all need to work together to make Southeastern Michigan a better place.

If you are running for State Representative in 2008 you should be promoting regionalization. You are not going to re-populate Detroit ever with liberal policies so you need a different approach. The same old, liberal approach is the death of your district that you are trying to represent.

If you are a Young Dem who want to run for office do not take ANY advice from any Black Grassroots/Nationalists who want to keep you enslaved to a political or economic philosophy that is already dead. Do not seek endorsements from those who want you to pay for their slates and cannot turn out the vote. This is a trick from the Black Nationalist/Socialist community to make money. You can believe in dog catcher and as long as you pay $2,000 or more to get your name on a slate you good to go. You can use that $2,000 for something else. Most of he time these charlatans are playing to your emotions by talking Black this and Black that when in fact they are in the bed with white people themselves.

Do not fall for the chicanery.

Young Dems have to begin to network with young Republicans on the other side. You would be surprised of how many young Republicans are on the same page as you. If you are writing off your Republican brothers and sisters then your cause is already lost. I have yet to see a young Democrat actually sit down and build with a young Republican. And if you live in the African American community this type of relationship is non-existent.

Case in point. When I walked around last summer at the African World Festival in my Black Republican T-Shirt one brother (who I consider a mover/shaker in the Democratic party) told me I had the wrong shirt on and I needed to switch parties. I asked him why? He could never give me a reason why.

This is my point. A majority of the Young Democrats do not know why young people join the Republicans to begin with. Where is the dialogue? Where do we come together on issues (other than Affirmative Action where I felt that the liberal left was forcing a lot of our young Republicans to join in last year). I cannot find one Young Democrat to join me in dialogue on family issues and education and some up with a reasonable solution. This is one of the core reasons why our city is in demise. In fact, Detroit is no different than North Korea after 9:00pm when the street lights are turned off in certain areas of the city.

Young Dems should be in the business of promoting educational choice (without Detroit Public Schools) and promoting family values. It is the family that will be the building block of our community. It is school choice that will give us the leverage we need to create innovative curriculums for our children and parents.

We should not be sucking on the breast milk of government as if we are infants. This is the time for us to be weaned.

The Congressional Black Caucus (who are pitiful) claims they have policies on Africa. This is a regurgitation of socialist policies that has doomed Africa since countries there begin fighting for independence in 1957. It's time for us to begin talking about free-market enterprises and economies for our African people.

If the Young Democrats in Detroit are serious about change then they will stop rolling in cliques around Detroit and expand out to those who want to be involved. Real change comes with real innovation and real innovation comes from tapping into the Holy Spirit. It is interesting that some of the Young Democrats I know go to liberal churches that promote race and politics but within the same institution they they are praying at and receiving the Word the pastor or church leadership hardly ever promote family values, education, the dangers of HIV/AIDS and relationship building between males and females. This is seen within the church structure by parishioners swapping with other people in the church, infidelity and adultery. This behavior is then surfaced with our young leadership in other areas.

Before you become a mover and shaker and be on TV all the time you must first find yourself at peace with God and understanding that His plan is better than YOUR plan.

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Mr. Akinyemi,

This isn't related to the post, but I thought you might be interested to know that someone (not sure if its you) has put up a personal profile that chronicles your political career. Just FYI.