Monday, February 05, 2007

The Myth of the Black Republican by Akindele Akinyemi

I have never understood from my Black liberal counterparts about how Black Republicans or Black Conservatives are Uncle Toms or Sellouts. It is a ridiculous concept used by Black Nationalists, Black Socialists, Liberal Democrats and people who lack knowledge of self. Of course these people do not know any better because they are followers and not leaders to begin with.

Young Black Conservatives often call themselves Republicans because of political affiliation not because they are acting white like most Black liberals want us to believe. I cannot find one Young Black Conservative who identifies themselves with the Republican Party to want to follow white people's rules, regulations and culture. We live in a country that is based on democracy. Since most of us are educated and well read we have made a conscious decision to choose what party is best for us.

That party is the Republican Party.

There are all types of Black Republicans. You have some like J.C. Watts and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who have never created a movement with Young Black Republicans before.

Then you have people like myself who is moving the current urban conservative movement.We are called conscious conservatives and have already made an connection with African culture and history without using the victimology syndrome like many of our Black liberal friends.

You will never catch an urban conservative acting like someone that do not look like them. They will always keep it real and keep it moving. They will not denounce their culture, history or God. They will teach Black History in its proper place and pristine purity. An urban conservative will not marry outside of his/her race for prestige or status. They will marry because of love and God.

An urban conservative is a God fearing individual and is not caught up with material items. We are not caught up with Presidential elections in 2008 but caught up with what issues should we place on the ballot and what state representatives and county commissioners are we training and running in 2008. These are REAL Black Republicans.

But too many of us are getting placed in the same basket by our Black liberal counterparts. They think we love Bush and hate democracy. This is nonsense. Only a chickenhead would say such garbage.

Unlike Black liberals who are Democrats and cannot tell you why they are Democrats (it is the party of racism) Black Conservatives choose to be in the Republican Party because of the values. We clearly understand that there is racism and sexism in the party but the core is opportunity. We cannot receive any opportunity in the Democratic Party because the value system is based on a socialist concept.

When we are called Uncle Toms from our Black liberal counterparts it is a demonstration of ignorance that is being spewed from their mouths. It is sickening to hear that Blacks would support Hillary Clinton over Condoleeza Rice. Rice is a woman of total value while Clinton's values are always being questioned by her own party.

Another negative term is when Black Conservatives are considered acting white by their Black liberal counterparts because we can speak the King's English, do not send our children to failing public schools, do not embrace the hip-hop culture, do not smoke weed, live in the suburbs and not the hood where you are 5x more likely to get killed by someone that looks like you, and attend churches that preach about prosperity and not Black Theology. This is the most backwards type of thinking I have ever heard from Black liberals. It is a pure demonstration of fear and ignorance on their part.

While Black liberals remain confused on how to transform urban communities across Michigan perhaps they need to take a look on what we are really about. Black conservatives understand that our key mission is to bring repair to the Black community by applying the following fundamental principles: the pursuit of educational excellence as a means of advancement within the society; policies that promote safety and security in the community beyond the typical casting of a criminal as a "victim" of societal racism; and local economic development rather than looking to the federal government for assistance.

This is basic common sense. Yet, we are looked upon by our liberal peers as Uncle Toms.

Let me set the record straight right now. There is a new urban conservative movement that is occurring right under the Black liberals noses as I write this article. We are beginning to take root everywhere. In the banking industry, the churches, the educational system and even in the political arena. These urban conservatives are more inclined to support conservative economic policies (i.e., globalization, free-trade agreements, tax cuts), militarism, regional interventions, or other agendas that the vast majority of Blacks liberals oppose.

We support expansion of charter schools and regionalization by consolidating city government in Detroit with Wayne County.

If you think that we are Uncle Toms and sellouts then I ask this to my Black Liberal counterparts. What do you propose to make urban communities better?

Just like I thought..........dead silence. You do not have a damn clue. So allow this urban conservative movement to grow and develop to create real conscious leadership in our community.

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Free-Man said...

Uncle Tom/Aunt Thomasina or sell out is a person of color that implements policies that are detrimental to the People of Color Community - that benefits the Dominate Historically Oppressive Community
Black Afrikan Republican Conservative Robert Young of Michigan Supreme Court created a policy making it impossible for Black Afrikans to have a jury of their peers when juries do not reflect their community on 11/23/05
Didn't he forget that Michigan Supreme Court Judge and Mayor of Detroit Dennis Archer and Mayor Archer's son were Racially profiled by Michigan police? Did he forget the brutal racial oppression that Mr. Young's father experienced in education?
Condoleeza Rice supports Bush's Racist Oil War without Reservation - up to & including the use of Nuclear Weapons to maintain White European Racial Supremacy
Michigan Society is not Socialist - Socialism or Economic Democracy is Biblically based