Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When Pan Africanism Meets Urban Conservatism by Akindele Akinyemi

Pan-Africanism in its present state is a complete farce to Blacks worldwide. Socialism has ravaged communities worldwide. Including here in Palestine (Detroit).

Some organizations that I have been a part of in the past believes that Pan-Africanism is the total liberation and unification of Africa under Scientific Socialism. This is where socialism in Africa introduces a new social synthesis in which modern technology is reconciled with human values, in which the advanced technical society is realized without the staggering social malefactions and deep schisms of capitalist industrial society.

This has gotten Africa nowhere and it defiantly has not gotten Black America ANYWHERE.

I have heard speeches and lectures from Dr. Claude Anderson on Powernomics, Dr. Amos Wilson on the Blueprint for Black Power and so forth. None of these pseudo-ideologies has materialized in the urban communities as Detroit becomes more and more like Palestine daily.

I said last year that we needed to begin to embrace capitalism. I still strongly believe that America has the best capitalist system on Earth. Capitalism is what will make our communities go round.

The critics of capitalism promotes nonsense such as it produces a dog-eat-dog mentality. We all love to get paid. We need to generate wealth to pay the bills, pay for education, take trips with the family, give back to the community, open businesses that will flourish, and even invest in stocks and mutual funds for our retirement. It's all about how your money is working for you and not the other way around.

Socialism promotes a oversight where you cannot even move without permission. This is what has happened in Africa and as urban conservatives begin to move on building urban regional networks across Michigan we will be talking about building wealth creation. This is why I support brothers like Ken Harris of the International Detroit Black Expo.

Socialism does not promote wealth creation and prosperity but creates an atmosphere of dependency. President Lyndon B. Johnson stated over 40 years ago that if we gave the niggers welfare that they would vote Democratic for the next 40 years. The 40 years has now expired and we no longer feel that we should hold our allegiances to a Democratic Party that has continued to block every opportunity for Blacks to achieve economic power in our communities. yet, we still vote Democratic.

There are some that promote Pan-Africanism. However, the way they are promoting it is from a liberal/socialist mind frame. We must begin to change the mindset of those who have been working and supporting failed policies both in Africa and urban communities in America.

Today, Pan-Africanism should consist of free market economics. It should involve a theology that is consistent with family and relationship building, wealth creation and living the way God has prescribed for us to live. We should not be living poor, broke and hungry. This is no way to demonstrate God's love for each other.

For those who embrace Black liberation theology how come there is no relationship component involved in this theology? How come there is no wealth creation component involved in this? What about expanding on a singles ministry, marriage ministries and Men/Women ministries? These type of ministries are almost non-existent under Black churches that use Black liberation theology as their platform. In the new Pan African structure church. Urban conservatives will utilize a more conservative measure in the liberation struggle for Black people. Urban Conservatives will institute relationship building between male and female within the framework of the church. We do not have to embrace homosexuality or bi-sexuality when we are following God's commandments here on Earth. It is time that we move the church towards a more Pan African approach by way of reinstilling our values as God commanded. We are preventing the rise of a "Messiah" when we embrace values that are not ours.

The church (within the urban community) should politically become more conservative and teach our brothers and sisters in the church to vote their values when approaching the ballot box. We have to do this to reverse the Palestine effect in Detroit and abroad.

For those who are in poverty we should take the time to help them. Not by continuing to give them food week after week like social programs in the community but teaching them how to grow their own food. Teaching them how to balance a checkbook. Teaching them how to read and write so those in poverty can began to pull themselves out of poverty and live righteously.

Pan-Africanism today should consist of expanding educational choice into a global realm that will help our children both in urban America and abroad compete in a 21st century job market. No longer will we rely on big government to educate our children.

Pan-Africanism today should be the liberation of Black people worldwide by establishing global markets in terms of economics and business. America is in the business of a global market. China is in the business of a global market. It is time for Black America who embraces Pan-Africanism embrace globalization and reject the union argument of keeping jobs here in America. Unions are a thing of the past and urban America like Detroit needs to let go of the unions.

We should not be afraid to work with our brothers and sisters on the continent as well as working with other races of people. Anyone who rejects this should not be taken seriously for they have a lack of understanding of economics from a real Pan African view.

True Pan-Africanism is a contemporary example of people of African descent working together to build our empires here on Earth. We can eradicate poverty and ignorance if we began to embrace conservative technology in our churches and communities.

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J.Rev said...

I am not a capitalists but I am an entrepreneur, with my own business, trying to make wealth for family and friends. To give back to the community is a must, however I don't agree with the exploitation of others to gain that wealth and when I say others I mean people abroad. Unions are good in some cases and in others they don't work but I don't agree with unions being a thing of the past nor getting rid of them altogether. Capitalism is what it is, and I don't embrace it. There has to be other systems and besides capitalism isn't working to well for us right now with the value of the dollar being .39 cents to the dollar (or something like that.) It might be working fine for the super wealthy but there needs to be a fair playing field where everyone wins. Who's going to come up with that?
Not only do we need to keep jobs here but we need to create new jobs.
Let me tell you a reality about urban neighborhoods particularly the Black neighborhood. We could get out of the economic condition/mess we are in if we would understand that the biggest gravy train since the industrial revolution is the internet specifically computers. Let me give you a hypothetical; imagine if 75% of brothers in just one high school decided to go into computer technology. They would all have a job and not just a job but a well paying job. Now what if these same brothers decided to move to the areas that are paying the most for these same jobs instead of staying in the 'hood'. That's one high school in one neighbor hood in one city in one state. Lets see if that model will work. The computer is the super highway to Jobs and in turn better investments but of course we and I mean Black folks have to stop spending frivolously and giving our money back to the enemy. It's going to go back into this system eventually but we need to support Black more often.
On my web site cafepress.com/adinkrastudio I sell many products. If I could get one million Black people to buy the cheapest of my products even if it were 1.99 I would be a millionaire over night. I would then take that money and support another Black business or business etc...
So I agree with you but without loosing the advances we have made and infact to solidify, what we need to do now is to organize in any way we can, but the jobs for a lot of brothers is in computers, if only we can see that, especially those brothers who play the video games and are on the computer all the time. We should be designing them, building them, creating them, repairing them. Computers is a cash crop, we just need to go to school to learn about them. In five years time we (and I'm referring back to those 75% brothers in that hypothetical high school) could be far more advances than where we are now.