Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pandemonium: The Fall of Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

Sometimes ignorance has consequences. In this case, re-electing Jennifer Granholm over Dick DeVos last November. For all of those who voted for Granholm she is about to show you her true colors.

Today, Granholm announced the closing of the State Prison in Jackson, Michigan. This is a maximum security prison with some of the hardest inmates in the state. In a time where Detroit has fallen to insurgents and warlords run the city Gov. Granholm decides to throw away the keys forever in the name of cutting the budget. Nearly 7,800 inmates are incarcerated in Jackson overall — 15 percent of Michigan’s prisoner population.

But what is worse is this. Granholm plans to parole 5,000 more prisoners in the next budget year to cut costs.

40% of those criminals are heading towards Detroit.

Detroit is already under siege from the unions, Democratic Party and socialist activists that continue to enslave young Blacks from becoming a force to be reckoned with. There is a massive arms race in Detroit and while Hamas control both the Executive and Legislative offices of government here in Detroit Hezbollah controls the educational system. It is illegal for parents to voice their opinion on the educational system because those who support the failing Detroit Public Schools will make sure those parents are silenced.

Thanks to Gov. Granholm we will have an additional 5000 criminals on our streets adding to the chaos and insurgency that already exists. With the city at the stage of insolvency and our political leaders clueless on all levels of government (city, county, state and federal) we can clearly see that Detroit is headed towards civil war. Anarchy has settled down in this city and since people could not read who was on the ballot they voted for Granholm out of pure ignorance.

With home invasions happening in affluent districts in Detroit like Grandmont and Rosedale Park, urban street battles occurring off Evergreen and Lyndon, war torn areas down Linwood and Dexter, starvation at its highest levels in half a century, #2 in the country in violent crimes, lead the nation in foreclosures, 40% of Black men unemployed (and the number is rising) and some places in the city looking like North Korea families have created their own exit strategy by packing their bags and moving far away from this war torn region.

Al-Qaida is running the show on the lower east side of Detroit where Hamas controls the government. The Palestine Liberation Organization (your Black Grassroots) continues to conduct urban battles while there has been a number of dropouts in high school joining the insurgency by way of funneling in major drug trafficking right here in Detroit.

Add 5000 criminals to the element and you have the Fall of Detroit as we know it.

We no longer have to watch Iraq on TV. We can watch and witness the countless murders next door to us. It is so unsafe in Detroit that the churches cannot help us. Most of the churches have been bought of by the Democratic Party. Therefore, they are supporting the insurgency and terrorism here in Detroit. The police here are overwhelmed with the terrorists.

This is why I support building urban regional networks. Detroit has fallen to the insurgents but not the smaller urban communities. We can still bring those communities back by utilizing conservative technology.

We can no longer save our beloved city. If you have a plan to move away from the war torn region the time is now. We are urging Black families to move away as soon as possible from the region due to increasing secular violence. City officials even said the region has become too dangerous for anyone to live. Some Democratic leaders in Detroit have admitted making a "terrible" mistake for allowing Granholm to be re-elected.

With Granholm preparing to deploy an additional 5000 insurgents from the state prisons the death toll in Detroit could reach as much as 20,000 within the next 5 years due to lawlessness and a massive breakdown of basic services. She was not lying when she said in 5 years we will be blown away.

She was right on the money.

I hope those fools at the Democratic State Convention this weekend take note of what is getting ready to happen to their beloved Detroit as it is preparing to collapse for good.

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Afrknsci said...

Come on this is nothing more than the "actress Granholm" and the democrats ploy to have us pay more taxes and to build more prisons...