Monday, February 26, 2007

Saviours Day: The Fall of Black America by Akindele Akinyemi

I cannot begin to wonder how socialism has gut the minds and hearts of our people. Looking at how Black liberals are still caught up on race and politics. Urban conservatives are caught up on economics and educational options in our community. So it is no suprise that Minister Farrakhan would make his last pitch to blame Whites and intelligent Blacks for the conditions in our community.

While Minister Louis Farrakhan was giving his last and final Savoiurs Day speech at Ford Field in Detroit yesterday I was disappointed with him after almost dying from prostrate cancer that he would come back and bash the Bush Administration. He even took cheap shots at Condoleeza Rice.

Here is a Black woman who is MORE popular than President Bush WORLDWIDE and is a high ranking official in the United States and Farrakhan is bashing her? Is it because this woman can think for herself that she is belittled? This sister has worked hard to earn her strips and while other Blacks remain jealous of the fact that she can smile (just like Farrkhan) and stun you with an answer is incredible.
What was interesting though was how he did not talk about this from the Bush Administration:
How in 2001, direct humanitarian and developmental aid to Africa was $1.4 billion. Today, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development calculates this figure as topping $4 billion a year.
Minister Farrakhan failed to address how President Bush has further said he wants to see that amount to almost rise to $9 billion a year by 2010. Four of the top ten recipients of U.S. aid - Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt and Uganda - are African countries.
What about how the Bush Administration is spending $1.2 billion in an attempt to cut the number of malaria-related deaths in half in 15 African countries. Additionally, the "President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief" intends to invest a total of $15 billion over five years to help Africans afflicted with AIDS-related maladies and prevent mother-to-child transmission of the AIDS virus.
Did Minister Farrakhan mentioned how President Bush has also met with almost three dozen African heads of state during his presidency, has visited Africa once already and is hoping to visit again in 2007. In addition to direct aid, trade between the U.S. and African countries also doubled during the tenure of the Bush Administration.
And what about Darfur? While Black Socialists in Detroit have failed to address this issue as well as their Democratic elected leadership Black Conservatives have been all over this issue. These are Farrakhan's Arab brothers in Islam murdering and raping Black people in Sudan.
How about calling the Democrats/socialists out on issues like educational reform (something the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad understood over 60 years ago. That is why he founded the University of Islam), eradicating poverty in our community through economic development (without the government breastfeeding us) and opening the doors to globalization where Blacks must be able to compete. Since Black people unfortunately vote Democratic then where is our results?
As much as I respect and love the Nation of Islam and its leadership I have to tell the truth. Stirring the racial pot today in 2007 is NOT the answer. Until we accept our own mishaps in the community and begin to fix those mishaps by being honest with each other our community will continue to fall apart no matter how many Final Calls we push, how many bean pies we sell and how many baskets of fruit we eat. We, as Black people, must be responsible for OUR actions and not waste time on Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or anyone who comes from that 60s timeline.
Minister Farrakhan blames President Bush but Gov. Granholm is talking about raising taxes in Michigan where Minister Farrakhan's constituency will not be able to afford basic living. Granholm is opening the doors to 5000 criminals out of prison by next year (she is already closing Jackson Prison in July). The Michigan Democrats are proposing detrimental legislation like this:
Supporting the study of reparations for African-Americans. (A total waste of time).
Supporting a national universal single payer health plan.
Supporting domestic partner benefits.
Urging action to stop global warming.
Supporting the elimination of term limits for all Michigan elected officials. (So we can keep these old people in office forever until they die).
Opposing national voter photo ID cards. (So people like Jackie Currie can continue to bamboozle people).
Minister Farrakhan failed to talk about how Planned Parenthood considers themselves a civil rights organization. An organization that is preventing the rise of a Messiah by way of abortions in our community.
BOTH the Michigan Democratic Party and the Nation of Islam must get out of the business of talking about the urban agenda and deal with the urban execution.
The civil rights movement in Michigan has been stifled for many years by piss-poor leadership and an inability to focus on the real issues that hinder progress. We continue to get in bed with people who are not Christ-centered and have absolutely no values. Our Black elected officials continue to vote for the Michigan Educational Association but send their own children to private and charter schools.
At this time I would to thank Elder Dr. Levon Yuille for inviting me to speak yesterday at the Bible Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan. While Farrakhan was conducting Saviours Day in Detroit and reaping profit I was jumpstarting a SALVATION movement through education at the Church for their Black History Month program. People who know me weel know that I am not into feel good programs like Saviours Day. I like executing strategies to transform our urban communites. Rev. Yuille and I are working together to build urban regional power through conservative principles in the greater Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.
The opportunity was grand and while Farrakhan is in blame mode as well as Black liberals I spoke to the crowd in talking about solutions to help better our community. This included talking about building a movement on spiritual values, promoting educational options in our community and understanding that family values and marriage between brothers and sisters will help make our community stronger in the years to come. I also expounded on how I am travelling the state right now setting up focus groups in places like Benton Harbor and Ypsilanti to deal with educational reform. I am also meeting with people across the state to deal with Title IV-D, a welfare policy that enslaves Blacks.
I do not have to blame Black liberals for anything. Urban conservatives already have the plan. All we have to do is go out and do the work of God. Everything else will take care of its own.


Free-Man said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive Condoleeza Rice supports the use of nuclear weapons against Islamic countries with stealing of Islamic countries' oil
Bush plans Military bases in Afrika to protect US oil interests
National Voter Phot ID - increases One World Government Access to monitor all people - Beast - AntiChrist

akindele akinyemi said...

whatever. come again. Farrakhan supports Iran's nuclear program. Duhh....