Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stop Embracing Poison by Akindele Akinyemi

There are two poisons in our community that continues to plague us as Black people. The Church and the Liquor store.

If you drive down any main street in Detroit you will find churches and liquor stores. When people leave church on Sunday they go next door to the liquor store to buy a pack of cigarettes and rum.

Or whiskey.

Or beer.

Some buy weed right out of the liquor stores and gas stations (of course on the down low).

You would think the church would give our people some spiritual insight on how to live. With the advent of welfare and other liberal nonsense we have fallen into a trap of decadence.

Decades of it.

This is why the church in our communities need a urban revolution based on family, health and prosperity. Our Black men are dying younger and our Black women are becoming widows and single at an earlier stage in their lives. We are becoming less interested in marriage due to the distrust in our households. We trust the bottle more so than each other.

Building Urban Regional Power through conservative technology is the key to our crisis in our community. Not social programs. Not the NAACP or other outdated civil rights organizations. Not the Black Nationalist or socialist community. All mentioned have had their turn to bat and all have struck out.

The Black Church in our community must seriously work to develop ways of ministering to young Black families who are trying to live God's law, or else it must stop preaching an all accepting, all liberating gospel and calling itself a church. The good news of the gospel is that God's love is for all people unconditionally.

For the last 400 years
our people developed a wealth of mechanisms and structures for survival in spite of this society's commitment to our destruction. The church was one such structure. It was through the Christian church that the "business" of the Black community was conducted and implemented. The Black church provided a forum for dealing with the politics of our oppression (as well as the economic deficiencies brought on by racism) and a place for healing the despair and loneliness of a people denied respect for their human dignity. The church was the center from which real life sprang, presenting the good news that all people have been liberated by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our love for, and loyalty to, the All Living God guaranteed this freedom.

Today, some of our Black churches have fallen off and embrace foolishness like homosexuality and killing Black children through abortion. We accept the fact that our children are failing in public schools and instead of taking the time to open up their own institution we give them a "social" program to try to save them.

Urban conservative have banned together to try to find a way to cure the problem. We fully understand that it's easy to accept liberal policies and hard to accept conservative principles. The same principles that we have been following forever since day one. Conservative principles are not a White or Black thing. It is a human thing that God has placed here for us to follow and obey. When we deviate from God's law our society goes to hell in a hand basket.

Young Urban conservatives also must begin to step up in leadership roles in the church structure to guide young people back to Christ. We have our instructions and now is the time to take back our community by rejecting bad health and embracing a more conservative way of living.

Young Urban Conservatives must begin to elevate the plight of the Black man by doing the following:

  • Getting Black parents, Black families and the Black community properly involved in the education of Black male children

  • Creating and maintaining nurturing, effective, supportive, child-centered, two-parent families

  • Reconnecting Black fathers to their children

  • Instilling strong educational and conservative values in young Black men

  • Developing positive community structures, principles, morals and activities to help with the social development of young Black men

  • Finding strong, positive role models for young Black men

We are responsible for this transformation not the government. We are repsonsible for teaching our youth in the church and at home about sexuality, personal responsibility and education. The government is not responsible for this.

When we embrace Jesus Christ and not the State of Michigan as our Savior we will begin to build urban regional networks on conservative principles across the region.


Free-Man said...

Coopted Puppet - Materialistic $ loving churches & Politically Conservative Churches are POISON to the Black Afrikan Community seeking Self Determination in a Racist White European New World Order

akindele akinyemi said...

the only coopted puppet in here is you. what an asshole you are. when you call me names that means i am doing the right thing. you never thought abou that because you only have a high school diploma. I am waiting for the day to see the collapse of your precious black nationalist/socialist movement. actually it has already collapsed.

While you ignorant Negroes have abandoned me when I was in that same movement it was other races that embraced me.

Again, your intelligence is that of a gnat. You only can recant to calling me names. Meanwhile, we are converting young people from being angry Blacks to conservative Blacks daily and it is a matter of time before we convert this city from being liberal to moderate.