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Urban Conservative on Talk Radio In LA by Akindele Akinyemi

I was interviewed on KLAS 89.7FM from Los Angeles, California last night. The show was called Hipolitix (a hip hop politics show). Here are some questions that were asked last night from Mark Delvin, the show's host (edited version):

Mark: How come Black Conservatives are considered Uncle Toms?

Akindele: Most African Americans do not understand the term Black Conservative. We associate Black Conservative with Black Republicans. Republican in a party affiliation while conservative is a lifestyle. Do you tell people you are living a Republican lifestyle? No. But you can tell people that you are living a conservative lifestyle. This may include listening to Neo-Soul as opposed to hardcore hip-hop or going to churches that stresses the importance of family building as opposed to fighting for social justice. Any Black person living in this country can embrace a conservative lifestyle whether you are a Democrat or Republican.

Mark: Then how come Black Conservatives or Black Republicans are not embraced in our community?

Akindele: We are not embraced because of the lack of understanding. Many Black liberals in our community have painted us as ass-kissers for White people. I do not kiss anyone's ass and I defiantly do not cater to any particular race of people. Yes, there are some Black Conservatives who are so white washed that they even go as far as denouncing Africa and African culture. I strongly believe that if we push for more free market economic and trade with Africa we can begin to build a new Pan African movement based on conservative technology. I embrace and appreciate both African and American culture.

Mark: Conservative Technology?

Akindele: Conservative technology is defined as the innovative approach to education through the use of spiritual, technological and academic disciplines. This is a technology that we must begin to utilize in order to bring political and academic balance in urban communities.

Mark: What about people like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who caters to White folks?

Akindele: I respect Rev. Peterson's views and support him on rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man. I agree with that. But with Blacks generating over $700 billion annually I feel that we should be in control of our own destiny and not receive any validation from anyone else. We can work with other races, unlike Black liberals who think we should work with each other exclusively, but we should be knowledgeable enough to control our own dollars in our own community like other races.

Mark: You bring an economic perspective to play. How does Black Conservative politics play into bringing a light on the subject of economic development?

Akindele: What I am working on here in several urban communities is designing urban regional networks.

Mark: Urban Regional Networks?

Akindele: Black Conservatives must take the lead on building Urban Regional Networks in order to build economic and political power within a certain area. Here in Southeastern Michigan, Blacks live both in Detroit and outside Detroit. If we can get Wayne, Washtenaw, Oakland and Macomb Counties to form a regional network to build economic commerce within those urban communities we can move ahead in revitalizing our community. Again, Black Conservatives are in a position within these urban regional networks to build educational and economic power with the development of a Urban Regional or Statewide Urban Chamber of Commerce as well as initiating the faith based community.

The other strategy in initializing urban regional network is to work with smaller urban communites under 35,000 residents. This way we have a more direcft affect on reaching constituents on issues of change like educational choices and health care.

Mark: What about the faith based community. Are they a factor in building these urban regional networks?

Akindele: The church will be instrumental in developing urban regional networks with an Pan African economic theme. However, the church needs to repent for its sins. We have allowed liberals to come into our churches and defecate it with homosexuality, high number of abortions (without any type of sickness involved), illicit sex, perversion and the lack of biblical guidance. Liberal thinking has overcame the Black church with more of a singing ministry and less of a nurturing ministry. We have allowed the church to become a corporation instead of service to our community. If we are going to have mega churches in our community become economically active FIRST and then guide them politically from a conservative perspective. Eventually both of these will have an effect socially as we begin to embrace one another as brothers and sisters and RESPECT our families and relationships.

The urban church will rise again when churches first embrace God, embrace educational options, building youth ministries from a God-centered perspective and not a baby sitting service, serving young married couples in marriage ministries, establishing a singles ministry that will cater to the needs of men and women as well as preparing them for marriage, and caring for our senior citizens.

The family must be rebuilt on conservative principles and respect. No longer we need government to regulate our households. Men must understand that our women are a reflection of us. They are following us. They are walking with us. When we are out of line or out of tune with our higher selves our sisters must be there to balance us out. However, this is not happening. With pornography controlling our sex lives today and allowing us to seek other sisters out of the marriage in the name of infidelity our sisters have caught on and are doing the same thing. It will take effort on the church's part to bring back balance in our community.

Mark: I agree. You mentioned educational options. Are you for charters and vouchers?

Akindele: Yes.

Mark: What about fixing the neighborhood schools that are part of the regular school system.

Akindele: You cannot fix it.

Mark: Why?

Akindele: Because the teacher unions will not allow you to fix it. The teacher unions have no interest in educating our children but feeding their own pockets. Think about it. Children live in poverty while teachers in those teacher unions are making money hand over foot and living in the suburbs. Teacher unions continue to block the progress of educational advocates like myself who view competition from charters a threat.

Vouchers are necessary because they too have helped improve school quality. Blacks in this country have been polled on the issue of vouchers a number of times and all polls show that over 60% of Blacks in depressed communities want some form of voucher, charter or other educational option.

Mark: Why not increase the school budget?

Akindele: Money will never reach the classroom. Gov. Granholm here in Michigan increased the per pupil count from $6,000 to $7,000 thinking that this will help solve the school crisis. This is a myth. Our children are being raped from a quality education and you need quality schools that have a more conservative academic leadership than allowing liberal leadership run the schools.

We need alternative teacher certification to increase the number of fresh teachers in the classroom as opposed to unions controlling the whole educational spectrum.

Mark: How do we bridge the gap between Black Republicans and Black Democrats in urban America?

Akindele: We bridge the gap by understanding that we worship a true and living God. We heal one another by showing that we care about one another. Both Democrat and Republicans have their role in American History as pertained to Black people both positive and negative. While we may have creative differences in going about the way our community should be ran at the end of the day we are still one people.

I attend Democratic events all the time to work with brothers and sisters on the other side of the aisle. In return, I am finding out that some of them are also Black conservatives and are having a problem with Black liberals. They too want a more conservative approach to things. I urge them to come to our Republican events and network with those who think like them. They are still afraid to do this because they fear of being called a sellout or Uncle Tom or turncoat from their Black liberal peers. The name calling must stop. Black people do not think monolithic at all. We are a diverse group of people within our own race. I have ran into some Black Conservatives who are staunch American and do not even breath Africa at all. Do I consider them to be sellouts? No. Would I like for them to invest on the Continent of Africa at some point in their lives? Yes. So we all have a different angle to creating solutions but moving towards a goal.

Mark: How do you feel about being the only Black Conservative in a Black liberal city?

Akindele: Again, it does not bother me at all. When we all go to sleep at night we are still Black. I have the same problems as my Black liberal counterparts have. I think government should help people but I teach to my liberal counterparts that government is a service not a crutch for you to depend on. Welfare is a example of this. How come we have generations of our people on welfare? That is ridiculous. When do we break the cycle of dependency?

Mark: Affirmative Action. To me Black Conservatives are on the wrong side of the issue.

Akindele: I orignally supported NO on Proposal 2 in Michigan. While some of my Black conservative counterparts thought I was crazy I think they understood my reasoning.

I have watched how racism in the realm of academia has affected minorities. For example, Blacks and Hispanics who want to go to the University of Michigan Law School must come out of prestigious Tier 1 schools like Princeton and Morehouse. Whites who went to the law school came from Tier 5 or Tier 6 schools that we never heard of. That alone I had a problem.

I also have seen the foolishness in the workforce. But the flip side of this is I felt that Black liberals did not reach out to Black Republicans at all. It became their own little gig, their own little movement when it should have included all of those to represent a real diverse movement. This did not happen and therefore Prop 2 passed here in Michigan. While the NAACP blamed conservatives for the measure failing Black Conservatives like myself researched why Prop 2 passed and come to find out that the same people that voted for Gov. Granholm (a Democratic incumbent who won her re-election bid for Governor) voted to get rid of Affirmative Action in Michigan.

We have to prepare our children and young workforce to comepete in a global market. There is no room for crutuches anymore. My thing has always been we should have been preapring our students for the real world with our without affirmative action. The only way to affirm our actions is teaching our childen sound conservative educational quality to help them compete.

Mark: Thank you and please we need you back on the air.

Akindele: I will return to talk about the Presidential Sweepstakes in 2008.

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