Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We cannot wait any longer for Detroit Public Schools to fix itself. I can care less about who is running the district, who is not running the district, who's back an ass we need to scratch or trying to get the money back from the State of Michigan to cover a defecit that has been in existence for over a decade (even though Black Grassroots activists claim the district was in the Black...Black people that is).
Let me shed some light on this.
Detroit Public Schools are running a demonic system that has engulfed our children into a pit of hell. You see, when you stop operating on spiritual principles and values and opeate on the world system you have just made an agreement with the Devil. DPS has made that agreement. I mean, think about it what school district would allow Gay and Lesbian gangs to roam the hallways? DPS has a massive breakdown of basic social and spiritual services.
I feel that children are precious and should not be used at political bait. Let's talk for real here. Why are people on the Detroit School Board? For higher office. That's all nothing else. If you think I'm lying you would have seen how Sen. Irma Clark-Coleman persuaded School Board member Jonathan Kinloch to run against Alisha Bell last year for Wayne County Commission. A year after he has been on the school board Kinloch decided to run for higher office. Keep your eyes on BOTH Annie Carter and Paula Johnson for State Representative or Wayne County Commission.
Agian. allow me to give solutions.
In order for us to build successful urban regional networks in this area we must have a strong school system. In order to have a strong school system we must have a strong nuclear family.
70% of black children are born today to single mothers. This is at the heart of the breakdown of the black family, the cornerstone of black life for generations. Some of these children without two parents may turn out just fine, but most add stress to the lives of their grandparents, neighbors, and police.
While Detroit Public Schools are having a fist fight over who should be in control about 50% black and Latino students are dropping out of school. The average black student who gets a high school diploma today is reading and doing math at an eighth-grade level. Even with a diploma, that young person is ill-prepared to compete for entry-level jobs or for a college degree.

And while the NAACP and other liberal civil rights groups are screaming unfair treatment from Whites why do we have a 25% poverty rate among blackAmericans? That’s more than twice the
12% national poverty rate and more than triple the poverty rate among whites. Who is at fault.

While Black liberals in Detroit are busy blaming racism for all this poverty and miseducation Black people from Africa and the Caribbean, arrive in this country and outperform native-born
Black people in educational achievement and income. So can someone tell me what is why someone from Nigeria can come over here and succeed (I have seen this with my own eyes) while our chidren continue to fail?
It is old to say that “racism is the whole problem” argument when the other 75% of black America is taking advantageof 50 years of new opportunities— since Brown v. Board of Education and the Civil Rights Act—to create the largest black middle class in history, with unprecedented wealth and political power. Anyone who is saying that Whites are holding Blacks back is lying.

The core group of black people trapped in poverty today is not defined by lack of opportunity as much as by bad choices. Black youth culture is boiling over with nihilism. It embraces failure
and frustration, including random crime and jail time, as the authentic expression of black life. “Keeping it real” and “street cred” in that destructive world require gunshot victims, calling each other as niggers or niggas and treating our sisters as “bitches” and “hos.” There is no arguing that this is a sick mind-set.

44% of the nation’s prison population is made up of black people, and blacks account for 37% of violent crimes, although black Americans are only 13% of the population. Who can make the case that this is anything but a social disaster? But Gov. Granholm wants to open

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