Monday, February 05, 2007

What Can Urban Conservatives Do To Help by Akindele Akinyemi

The main goal for a program of revolutionary conservative power for Blacks must be self-determination. Like all other nationalities, Black people can achieve their freedom only by taking their destiny in their own hands: “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.”

This means that Urban Conservatives must form and build urban regional power by unifying their own organizations of struggle, take back control of the Black communities on conservative principles (not liberal nonsense that has destroyed our community for over 50 years) and all the institutions within them, and conduct a consistent fight to overcome every form of economic, political and cultural servitude and inequality generated and enforced by the decadent, racist socialist society.

It is a basic democratic right that a people should have the right to decide its own affairs. Therefore the central demand of conservative forces is for Urban Conservatives to redirect the Black community. This is an indispensable step towards freeing the Black masses from domination by Black and White Liberals who benefit from their exploitation.

The demand for conservative control of the Black community has a number of attributes which give it an extremely powerful potential for mobilizing the masses in a revolutionary direction.

The demand for Urban Conservative control has been raised spontaneously in thousands of struggles across urban America. It is obviously a demand which speaks directly to the needs and present understanding of Black people. At the same time, conservative control of the Black community is a democratic demand. It is based on something which even the liberal class says it believes in – the right of people to have democratic control over their own lives and communities. Thus the resistance the power structure puts up against this struggle will help to expose the hypocrisy of the liberal class on one of the central issues which it uses to brainwash and enslave the masses – its proclaimed adherence to democracy.

At the same time, the struggle for Urban Regional Conservative Power is profoundly revolutionary, because it poses the question of who will have decision-making power over Black people: themselves or the socialist rulers. The realization of this aim can build Black fortresses which be centers of Black counter-power to the liberal power structures in the principal cities of the United States.

As they develop within the Black communities, struggles targeted to win control over specific institutions and agencies can pave the way and prepare increasing numbers of people for the all-inclusive goal of total control of their community. These partial struggles, carried out around issues such as educational options, can be extremely important because through them encouraging victories can be won. These victories, even if limited to specific areas, can help to raise the confidence of the community in its own power and lay the basis for broader future goals.

The following demands can help promote this process:

1. Replace local police occupation of the Black community with a regional-controlled police force.

2. Downsizing the number of social programs in the Black community that are government funded (local, state or federal) in favor of faith-based initiatives. There is no real correlation between social programs that helped Black people in the community. Many of these programs should not even be allowed to receive block-grant funding because they have a history of wasting money and exploiting those in need instead of teaching those in need how to get up off their feet and doing something for themselves.

3. Faith based control over all institutions in the Black community, such as hospitals, etc..

The indispensable instrument for organizing and carrying on effective struggle for such demands, achieving complete conservative control over the Black community, and moving forward to Black liberation, is understanding the values of the party we belong to. All Urban Conservatives should be socially, politically or economically active in the liberation of Black people. If Blacks are in the Republican Party then they should have developed by now an urban execution plan to carry out for the next 11 months leading up to elections in 2008. We do not need to be part of an independent Black political party. By developing an urban execution plan its program would be designed to use the immense wealth created by working people, Black and white, not for victimology warfare but for the needs of those who seek to better themselves.

The main purpose of developing an urban execution plan within the ranks of the Republican Party is to build urban regional power with conscious conservatives in political and mass action.

Developing a new urban execution plan for conscious conservatives would expose and challenge the do-nothing policies of the Democrats and mainstream Republicans and present an updated plan for urban conservatives not only by participating in elections but by organizing effective community actions. It would take the initiative in promoting the self-mobilization of the Black people and forming alliances with students, poor white people, workers and all other forces interested in conservative change. It could play a vanguard role in bringing revolutionary ideas to all sections of the state.

It is unnecessary to have a separate Black party when we can upgrade these parties the already exist. To have a separate Black party would not do any justice for those who seek change. Urban conservatives must not fall for the trap of liberal politics and Black rhetoric.


Free-Man said...

Coopted Puppet - Conservatives will control Black Afrikans with "regional controled" colonial police occupational force- that won't hire Black Afrikans
Colonialism is ANTI- SELF
Didn't the US rebel against Colonialism to found the US? YES
So why is good for Black Afrikans? because Black Afrikans are considered too inferior to control their own affairs
Conservatives are historically the descendants of the Racist/Sexist Colonial Oppressors of People of Color

akindele akinyemi said...

ok..whatever. You sound like a uneducated one at that.