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While We Were Sleeping: The Rebuttal by Akindele Akinyemi

It is interesting how Black liberals love to waste their precious time on bashing President George W. Bush when they are benefiting from his child tax credit that he pushed for a while ago. They also benefited from his tax credits if they are business owners.

Never mind all that. I wanted to demonstrate how Black liberals would love to keep us enslaved.

For example, let us examine such commentary:

While we were Sleeping Written by W. Gray

My Brothers and Sisters we have been duped once more.

I need to in
terject here. Who duped us? The white man? We have been duping each other since day one. Think about it. When you find a brother or sister at the African World Festival in Detroit selling artifacts we always want the "hookup". Not one time we think about the needs and wants of the proprietors and their families. We set ourselves up for failure.

George W. has given $12 Billion dollars to the people of Iraq. Now this may or may not surprise you but imagine folk walking down the streets just handing out bricks of cash! It has happened in a nation that we are at war with. The Us Government under the orders of Bush loaded a military plane with 12 billion dollars and landed it in Iraq were local business owners were handed bricks of money. If you don't believe me check out CNN or do a search online. The Story broke yesterday and I couldn't believe my ears.

I am
no fan of war, however, this writer fails to tell you how all of this came about. In Washington there are people called lobbyists. They come in all sizes and all races. For instance, how come there was no mention about how the Jewish lobby (AIPAC) have successfully lobbied for Israeli's causes (including American taxpayers paying for Israel's military, etc). Arabs lobbied for the same thing. Black can do it also but we are still stuck on building social relationships FIRST instead of building ECONOMIC ALLIANCES with Africa.

So I cannot believe my ears when liberals raise hell about $12 billion dollars going to Iraq but every Congressional member of the Congressional Black Caucus have touched African soil and yet nothing has transpired.

We still have the majority of people affected by the tragedies in New Orleans suffering and one of the largest homelessness problems in the world.

t is interesting how Black liberals blame Bush for Katrina. First, the entire political system in Louisiana is Democratic. Second, Gov. Blanco of Louisiana REJECTED President's Bush help BEFORE THE HURRICANE HIT. Third, Mayor Ray Nagin had the opportunity to save Black people with school buses and instead he chose not to. All of these people are Democrats. The people who were living in poverty in New Orleans have been living in poverty for at least 3 generations or more. Where were those Black liberals to help then get out of poverty? Oh, I know, we will keep them on welfare and keep feeding poor Blacks with government social programs to condition you to stay dependent on big breasted milk from the government.

We have one state recessions scattered throughout the country and we are at war. How can we afford to give over $12
Billion Dollars in Cash to the People of Iraq. We have people dying of hunger daily in this country and a unemployment rate that is sickening. The U.S. government gives no aid to its own citizens and cries broke.

Now he mentions state recessions. He must be talking about Michigan. This is not Bush's fault but Gov. Granholm's fault. Granholm is a Democrat. Hell, I mean her solution to the educational crisis here in Michigan is pour more money into the system. A system that is already broken. Over 100,000 jobs have left Michigan due to Granholm not wanting to repeal the Single Business Tax. It took a petition drive from L. Brooks Patterson (Republican-Oakland County Executive) for Granholm to finally do something. Jobs are going overseas because of NAFTA. NAFTA was supported by Granholm's homeboy President Bill Clinton who she considered the most beloved man in the world. This same man allowed 1million Rwandians to be murdered and not only Black liberals love this freak of a president but actively try to hide the fact that there was a genocide in Rwanda in 1994. They will not teach this to or children in the schools today. Most teenagers heard about the atrocities that were going on in Rwanda from the movie "Hotel Rwanda".

He goes on.......

The Republican Party Preaches this rhetoric about being Fiscally and Morally conservative yet theirs actions say anything but that. The Republican Party's record shows us whats really going on....

1. A election stolen and then overshadowed by a convent Terrorist Attack( Yeah Right)

A stolen election? The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights concluded that there was no stolen election. This writer supported Al Gore in 2000. He forgot to tell you guys that Gore was not popular with Blacks because of his father blocking Civil Rights legislation in 1964. Also Gore, could not carry his own home state of Tennessee in 2000. So he was never a real threat.

2. The planning and orchestration of a War.

Only according to some in the UN. By that standard, the invasion of Kosovo and bombing of Serbia in 1999 was also illegal. Saddam was already at war with the U.S. and Britain, because Iraq had not carried out the terms of the 1991 ceasefire, and was trying to shoot down coalition aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone. So what is this writer trying to say?

3. The promotion of the Farce of the Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Which were
never found.

Several hundred chemical weapons were found, and Saddam had all his WMD scientists and technicians ready. Just end the sanctions and add money, and the weapons would be back in production within a year. At the time of the invasion, all intelligence agencies, world-wide, believed Saddam still had a functioning WMD program. Saddam had shut them down because of the cost, but created the illusion that the program was still operating in order to fool the Iranians. The Iranians wanted revenge on Saddam because of the Iraq invasion of Iran in 1980, and the eight year war that followed.

4. The Exposing of Homosexual, Molesting Perverse Senators ( Republican)

Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Gov. Gov. Jennifer Granholm both were endorsed by EMILY's List, Pride PAC and every other homosexual PAC in the state. It is a known fact that Granholm supports homosexuality and partial birth abortion. In fact, her own Catholic Church has openly condemned her for taking these extreme positions.

The Congressional Black Caucus (all Democrats) supports homosexual rights and the Governor of Massachusetts (Deval Patrick, a Democrat) supports weakening the Black family through homosexual rights.

Congressman John Conyers is rumored to have "gay" tendencies from his OWN Democratic constitutes in the heavily Democratic 14th Congressional District in Detroit.

5. The Spending of Trillions of Dollars and not one thing to show for it.

This is a Black liberal argument that Black people love to say in the community. Liberals feel that this money should go towards social programs to help the poor in the community. This is NOT the answer. Making people feel dependent on the breastmilk of government.

The average American citizen have no working knowledge on how the economy works so I do not know why he would say such a ridiculous statement.

6. Another Election that was a Joke, Bush Just cant Lose with the Election machines he uses.

Now, you can see how we are moving away from critical thinking to conspiracy theories. 16% of Black people in Ohio voted for Bush in 2004. Meanwhile, Kerry never made it to the Freedom's Institute's Presidential Panel in Detroit at the Northwest Activity Center. The only one showed up was Al Sharpton.

7. Allowing the People of New Orleans to suffer and be shot on site in the middle of an natural
Disater. ( Oh Yeah, Bush was on vacation)

Your point? I would have been on vacation as well. Black people could not drink the water down in New Orleans BEFORE Katrina. Crime was astronomical and the way of living was atrocious (as shown in every hood video coming from the Big Easy).

8. The refusal to give the people of this country no explanation as to what the hell is going on?

??????????????? Can a Democrat tell us anything better? Or better yet, a Black Liberal in Detroit?

9. On top of all that as well as other things we now are wondering why $12 Billion if not more was packed on military planes and passed out on the streets of Iraq to business owners.

It is very silly to sit with a straight face and say this when rappers, real estate people, mortgage brokers, business owners, etc. generate over $700 billion dollars in the United States among Black people and then turn around and ask George Bush why is $12 Billion going to Iraq. We generate wealth (legally or illegally) and yet or OWN communities are ran down. Get real.

Never mind the amount of homeless we have on the streets of Washington, let alone the rest of the U.S.

So who fault is that? The government's? We all profess to love Christ but how many follow his example?

Never mind the amount of youth that have no funding to go to college; Bush decided to give the money to the country he claims is the enemy. The real kicker is that it is said that the money is in the hands of the insurgent troops. What a Joke, it was probably hand delivered to them.

This is good comedic commentary. There is ALWAYS funding for youth to go to school in America. It's called Financial Aid. And while financial aid is available our youth spend 12 years in school only to graduate to do hair, nails, feet and massage therapy. What a joke for these Black liberals. Why? Because they are the main ones supporting this.

We are living in the middle of the biggest joke in the history of man. The true joke is on us, We have simply slept right through it all. Now all hell is breaking loose.

Damn I sure wish we would all just wake up!

We are woke. It's our Black liberal friends who want to government to help them all the time need to wake up. We are taking advantage of starting our own business, participating in a free market economy and striving for educational choices for parents and children.

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